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A better way

CTC Holiday Let Waste Collections offer a hassle-free, conscientious and flexible solution to the management of your holiday home waste.

We think that anybody who owns a holiday home here in Cornwall will agree: making your guests’ stay in the Duchy as hassle-free as possible is near, if not at, the top of the list of priorities. A close second, and one that’s never been more on the minds of the modern holidaymaker, is sustainability. If you’re able to achieve both, chances are that your guests will remember their time with you for years to come. Not only that, they’re much more likely to keep coming back for more.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways in which you can tick these fundamental boxes, but one that’s often overlooked is waste management. This is where CTC Waste comes in. Running their own, fully licensed waste management facility near Truro, with a large section dedicated to holiday lets, at CTC, 100% of waste is recycled. That’s right. Absolutely nothing goes to landfill. If you’re the owner of a holiday let, this is a guarantee that you can pass onto your guests – something to shout about when it comes to marketing, and a way in which to appeal to increasingly conscientious holidaymakers who are aware of their carbon footprint.

So how does it work? Firstly, you’re only charged for waste that’s collected. This means no annual fee and no contract to sign. Secondly, collections are booked online, and in fact, CTC’s online booking system is very easy to use, with confirmations sent directly to your email. Once booked, CTC Waste will come to your property on the arranged collection day and you can rest assured that your holiday let will be rubbish-free when your new guests arrive.

Bookings aren’t the only thing made simple by CTC, and here’s another USP that you can pass onto your guests: instead of taking the time to separate waste and recycling into varicoloured bags, all waste, including recycling, goes into the same black bag, and CTC Waste will separate it for you. This offers the simplest form of waste collection for all. The team’s waste management facility is fully equipped to manage this process, and after your bags have been collected, you’ll receive an invoice that doubles up as a ‘Waste Transfer Note’ – a legal document which completes your duty of care on all collected waste.

To put it all quite simply, if you’re the owner of a holiday let and want to ensure your waste is managed responsibly, in a way that’s as hassle-free as possible for both you and your guests, then CTC Waste come highly recommended.


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With CTC Waste, access is never an issue! In fact, its fleet of small, purpose-built refuse trucks can go anywhere a car can, and the team can go straight to your bin or bin store, no matter where it is.


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