Cornwall LivingIssue #63

A blank canvas

We catch up with the team at Julian Foye, who reveal how white washing your walls can help achieve that ‘fresh start’ you’ve been looking for.

Not a fan of pattern and colour? Not everyone is. According to the team at Julian Foye, a white washed wall is a popular choice when the builders have left and you need to decorate a room. It’s popularised as a great way to start decorating when a fresh start is on the cards, as it’s at these times that we’re simply not ready to start investing in bold colour schemes. More often than not, we prefer to opt for something much more neutral.

“… adding a few lush green potted plants can help add life and cast stunning, natural shadows on the walls…”

Eventually, you can begin to allow colour to creep in, but white walls allow a clean slate that we can fill in over time. Whatever your reason for choosing white, whether it’s to create a design statement with a modern, minimalist look, or to freshen up the walls without the worry of mismatching that unusual, bold colour you chose two years ago; white walls provide a clean look, one which has been working very well with Scandinavian trends in furniture and interior design, trends that are currently taking the industry by storm!

Indeed, not all white walls are a reflection of uninspired imagination. The Julian Foye experts explain that, in fact, the opposite is true, as nothing quite sets off a piece of beautiful artwork like a brilliantly white wall, meaning your supposedly ‘unimaginative’ colour scheme actually opens you up to a world of creative opportunity. It is, quite literally, a blank canvas!

Once your walls are dressed and ready, it’s time to think about some furniture. To offset those newly white walls, you’ll want to choose something that helps promote the ‘fresh’ feel of your space, while avoiding those gut-wrenching comparisons to a dentists’ waiting room. With this in mind, it can be hard to resist filling your room with

bright, colourful fabrics and dark, heavy furniture – many see this as a ‘quick-fix’ solution to any negative comments, but the best bet is to seek advice from the experts, and those at Julian Foye are always on hand with the answers you need.

You’ll find that each of the company’s four large showrooms is packed with modern furniture and accessories, manned by teams of professionals who know exactly how to get the most out of your chosen colour scheme. To complement your white washed walls, we’re told that adding a few lush green potted plants can help add life and cast stunning, natural shadows on the walls, while coloured glass ornaments will reflect and refract the natural light as it cascades in through your windows. Add a sumptuous rug to sink your toes into and, before you know it, the idea of a waiting room will have disappeared without a trace!

So, if it’s high time you made a fresh start; if you’ve lost patience with your tired and drab interior, get yourself to one of the Julian Foye showrooms and see what the team can do for you.

adding a few lush green potted plants can help add life and cast stunning, natural shadows on the walls