Cornwall LivingIssue #138

A captivating journey

In the world of art, few things are as captivating and awe-inspiring as the interplay between light and colour. The ability of an artist to capture the essence of light and its transformative effect on the surrounding landscape is a skill that separates the exceptional from the ordinary. One artist who has mastered this ethereal quality is Steve Slimm, a renowned painter based in Cornwall, whose works beautifully encapsulate the translucent quality of light. If, like us, you find yourself captivated by Steve Slimm’s extraordinary talent and wish to own one of his captivating artworks, you’re in luck. His online shop provides a convenient platform to explore and purchase originals alongside a range of prints, accessories, gifts and homewares.

Here are some of our favourites from The Translucent Quality of Light collection, available online now. Please note, shipping and tax are calculated upon checkout.

‘Highland Moor’ (Original)

‘As The Gorge Opens Up Toward Avonmouth’ (Weekender Bag)

‘Overgrown’ (White Ceramic Mug)

‘These Ancient Trees’ (Tea Towel)

‘Mist On The Helford’ (Tote Bag)


Steve Slimm