Cornwall LivingIssue #116

A crafty Christmas

This year Bluebird Care is bringing a little festive spirit into the homes of those who need it most.

How quickly a year can pass, but no one in the Bluebird Care team is complaining as their favourite time of year is finally here. Christmas is a time to be together, to enjoy the festive spirit and sing carols, taking photos to capture new Christmas memories and enjoy the delicious food. This year, the Bluebird team are getting crafty, and are relishing the excuse to enjoy doing something fun with their customers.

Their recent craft session involved making Christmas cards! “From red sparkly glitter to candy cane stickers, we had everything we needed to allow our team to be as creative as they wanted,” explains Carol, who began Bluebird Care in Cornwall nine years ago. “With a Christmas film on in the background and hot chocolate and pasties being served, everyone had a great time. How lovely it is to send a handmade card to a loved one. Bluebird Care always think of new things to do, to help encourage their extended family to come together, especially at Christmas where some may find it a lonely time. Helping people to smile is one thing Bluebirds do best all year round, and we have definitely spread a lot of smiles this Christmas.” 

“We are passionate about making every day enjoyable, celebrating successes and empowering people to live in the way they choose and to have fun. We encourage our staff teams to find innovative ways of doing things, with creative ideas to challenge and inspire each other to step out and make things happen.”

People who work in care enjoy a fulfilling career, building relationships and responding to each unique person’s needs in a personalised way. Bluebird Care welcomes newcomers to the caring profession and believes people with experience in other areas often make the best carers, bringing knowledge and understanding for life, and also provide full training and support to give the knowledge and confidence needed to work in care. 

Bluebird Care offer a full range of therapeutic and supported living services across Cornwall, creating a warm friendly environment which enables independent living in an individual’s home.