Cornwall LivingIssue #150

A Culinary Revolution

Immerse yourself in a dining experience where every bite, every interaction and every detail invites you to savour the flavours of life.

Capturing the good stuff that Cornwall has to offer, the luxurious St Michaels Resort in Falmouth introduces its new all-day dining restaurant, Nourish. Blending fresh, local ingredients with bold, vibrant flavours, Nourish’s sharing plates celebrate the richness of Cornwall’s land and sea in a relaxed and convivial space. The mission at Nourish is clear: to offer a sanctuary where guests can sample a variety of culinary delights, designed to nourish the heart, body and soul. From a menu that pushes healthy, light and locally sourced dishes to its laid-back atmosphere, every moment at Nourish is a celebration of food and community. By day, it’s a bustling café, by night, it transforms into a cool, contemporary and relaxed bar-restaurant, providing a convivial space for all occasions.

Fresh Flavours
Nourish’s team collaborates closely with local farmers, brewers and distillers to showcase the finest Cornish produce from both land and sea. Provenance is paramount here. The restaurant serves ‘Cornish tapas’, combining the best local ingredients in a shareable format. The dishes are not only vibrant but also healthy and balanced, catering to a wide range of dietary needs.

A wood-fired pizza oven adds a certain rustic charm, offering handmade artisanal pizzas with a variety of toppings for the ultimate comfort meal. The menu also features an abundance of shawarmas and vibrant salads crafted from the freshest seasonal produce, focusing on plant-based goodness.

The bar team at St Michaels Resort has curated a menu of local gins, beers and signature cocktails that highlight Cornish botanicals grown in the surrounding area. Their farm-to-glass concept ensures guests understand the provenance of their drinks, tracing Cornish ingredients from the fields.

Guests can enjoy evening drinks with artisanal snacks, such as Cornish cheeses, cured meats and handcrafted crisps. For a more immersive experience, the hotel organises interactive tasting sessions, allowing guests to explore the county through gin flights and a seasonal, signature cocktail menu. If you’re seeking something unique with a touch of sophistication this summer, Nourish is the perfect destination.


St Michaels Resort,
Falmouth TR11 4NB
01326 312707