Cornwall LivingIssue #94

A day of well-being

The new year means new beginnings and what better way to start than with a day dedicated to exercise, great food and self-care?

After so much time with family and friends over Christmas, it’s not surprising that many of us get the January blues. Winter has set its teeth in; the festivities are over and we have another three months to wait until it’s socially acceptable to spend the entire day consuming chocolate. Which is why I’ve put together this guide for a day utterly dedicated to rejuvenation – to sort out those January blues and help you start the new year on a high.

A great morning

After a good eight-hour sleep, wake up with a hot reviving shower and apply a rejuvenating layer of organic Beyond moisturiser ( Made with a combination of plant extracts, bio active ingredients, omegas and vitamins, Beyond will replenish your skin ready for the day ahead. Wrap your favourite robe around you and wander into the kitchen for your morning coffee, my go-to is Cornish Coffee’s ‘The Original Blend’ – a smooth and well-rounded coffee that’s hand roasted and produced in Cornwall by the Cornish Tea & Coffee Company. Look out for more in the next edition of the magazine, where we will find out everything there is to know about the Cornish Tea & Coffee Company (

Starting your day with exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body, it kicks you into action and gets the blood flowing as well as producing feel-good hormones and endorphins, which are sure to put you in a positive mood for the rest of the day. Whether you head to your local gym or do a class, getting into a high gear will help you focus and release any pent-up stress, reducing anxiety, increasing energy levels and boosting your metabolism.



Wadebridge Dental ( is an award-winning dental practice that provides a range of treatments, ensuring your smile is looking its best this year. Click here for more information.


If you don’t know where to start, then personal training could be the answer, allowing you to get a game plan together for the new year. Whether you’ve been to the gym hundreds of times, or never – working with a personal trainer is incredibly beneficial. You can learn the correct techniques and create targeted workout plans to reach your goals, as well as gaining useful advice on nutrition. A personal trainer I’ve come across time and time again is Johnny Lawrence PT ( Renowned for his kind and encouraging approach, Johnny is based in Perranwell and strives to help his clients make the changes necessary to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

With a private gym space located within the grounds of his home and more than 12 years’ experience, Johnny provides a tailored service that revolves around his clients’ lifestyle. “I consider myself a people centred trainer,” explains Johnny. “My whole philosophy is that if I can understand the person and the way that they live and behave then we can start putting in place a programme that makes it easy for them to achieve their goals.”


Nutrition advice

If you’re looking to improve your overall wellbeing with expert sleep, weight and nutrition advice, the LifestyleDoc could be the answer. Click here to find out more.

If you prefer to exercise outdoors, Fitness Wild ( provides personal training and group workouts next to Argal Reservoir. We hear from trainer Jimmy who tells us: “At Fitness Wild we’re passionate about a healthy lifestyle that involves getting outside and enjoying the beautiful county we live in. Exercising outdoors has been proven to boost mood and self-esteem, lower blood pressure and push you closer to peak performance. Not to mention there’s also a brilliant onsite café, Wild Vibes.”

Another great way to exercise outdoors – especially here in Cornwall – is to get in the sea. Don’t let the winter chill put you off, there’s nothing as invigorating as immersing yourself in Cornwall’s cool waters, year-round. Something that Porthleven’s Salty Sisters know all too well. We hear from Salty Sisters founder, Pippa Renyard, who tells us: “Last year I started swimming before work to remind myself that the sea and the natural landscape was bigger than anything I would face that day. It’s a really grounding thing to do at the start of the day and it provides a wonderful combination of exhilaration and utter calm! To get in the sea before work, while most people are still waking up and barely starting their day, makes me feel like I’ve done something brave and empowering, which definitely puts me in a very positive mood for the rest of the day. I started to let people know when I would be going, and one morning in March (2019) a group of four other women joined me for the first time. The Salty Sisters were born! Through word of mouth more and more people started to join us and we now have a core group of around 15 regular swimmers.” (Salty Sisters Sink or Swim on Facebook).


Gym & personal training

St Michaels Hotel, Falmouth

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa, Newquay

The Gym Project, Falmouth

Sir Ben Ainslie Sport Centre, Truro

Jolly Sailor Crossfit, Helston

JP Fitness, Helston


If not in the water, getting on the water is another great way to stay active this year. Simon Osborne, CEO of the Helford River Children’s Sailing Trust says: “All research points to the fact that there are huge benefits to being by the sea. Sailing is a great leveller – it’s exercise for the body and mind. You have to learn to read different sea states, wind directions and understand the marine environment; you learn team work and leadership and it becomes more physically demanding as you progress to sailing in faster boats.” (

A relaxing afternoon

After your chosen workout there’s nothing better than heading to your favourite café to feed your tired muscles. A personal favourite of mine is The Pier Café in Falmouth (thepierfalmouth on Instagram). It provides delicious, nutritious food that will satisfy your hunger pangs alongside its spectacular setting overlooking Falmouth Harbour, with the added option of a stroll through Falmouth afterwards. Alternatively, head to Archie Browns ( in Truro or Penzance to get your healthy food fix for the day. Archie Browns was founded with the ethos to lead a healthy lifestyle, comprised of a growing team who are passionate about fuelling the community with healthy produce, many of whom have received training in naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine.

When your hunger has been satisfied, it’s time to spend your afternoon winding down, and a soothing massage is the perfect way to do so. We hear from Spa Manager at St Michaels Resort, Lucy Spingo, who tells us: “Massages help to boost our overall wellbeing by carrying a host of both psychological and physical benefits. Not only can they reduce muscle tension, boost the immune system, improve circulation and improve skin tone, they also help reduce the body’s level of cortisol – known as the stress hormone. Those who come for a massage are likely to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, whilst experiencing an improved quality of sleep and a reduction in stress and anxiety. It can help boost your mood too, thanks to the release of ‘happy hormones’ – dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins.” Equally, a swim, steam and sauna is a great way to detox and unwind. Or, for the ultimate indulgence, why not invest in your own personal hot tub?

And a cosy evening

The Danish know what’s what when it comes to getting cosy and have designated the word ‘hygge’, to describe the mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality combined with feelings of wellness and contentment. The concept revolves around creating a warm and comforting environment during the cooler months so that you look forward to cosy nights in or days spent snuggled up on the sofa when it’s raining outside. Big knitted blankets, scented candles and a hot drink are all elements of ‘hygge’, and surrounding yourself with these things is the perfect way to end your day of wellbeing.

We discover the benefits of filling your home with the warmth of a lighted candle from Sarah at St Eval Candle Company (, where candles are hand-poured using traditional, artisan methods on their farm in north Cornwall. “Find a comfy spot, light your favourite candle and relax, allowing your senses to be filled with uplifting scents inspired by nature. Bring in the new, refresh and reinvigorate with our uniquely scented Sea Salt candle or try Bergamot and Nettle candles for a burst of citrus with healing herbs. To unwind, light our little pot of tranquillity for a blissful, calming scent sensation.”


Massage recommendations

St Michaels Resort, Falmouth

The Wellness Hut, Stithians

Merchants Manor, Falmouth

Budock Vean, Falmouth

The Scarlet, Newquay

Pollurian on the Lizard, The Lizard

Fowey Hall Hotel, Fowey


Jo & Co Home ( are also big believers in the notion of hygge – the team stock books on the subject and their selection of cosy blankets, knitwear and candles are the perfect antidote to the stormy weather and cold this winter. We hear from Joanna Eldridge, Founder and Creative Director at Jo & Co who tells us: “The notion of hygge is not a fad, it’s a way of life and we strongly believe in the importance of a cosy home here at Jo & Co, we have everything you need to snuggle up in style this winter so make sure to take a look at our fantastic range of carefully selected treasures.”

This is just an idea of how to tailor your day of wellbeing this winter. Cornwall has a brilliant array of soulful destinations and resorts tailored to making you feel good. Whether you find enjoyment on the water, walking along the coast path with your dog by your side, or snuggled up on the sofa with your favourite book, make sure to dedicate yourself a little ‘me time’ this winter and feed your mind, body and soul with all the elements that will make it sing.


Getting cosy

Uneeka, Truro

Cream Cornwall, Falmouth

Just Delights, Penryn

The Grey Lurcher, Falmouth
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