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A fairer way

Make compromising on style, in order to shop sustainably and ethically, a thing of the past.

Across two stores in Truro, the Uneeka team champions a lifestyle made fair, placing the utmost importance in where its furniture and homewares come from. Store Manager, Jess Preen explains: “We try our hardest to fill our store with ranges from ethical and eco-companies, and always make sure that workers are being paid a fair wage and treated well, before we buy from them.”

When you shop with us, you donít need to compromise on style to shop ethically.” – Jess Preen

Jess and the team take the time to ensure the companies they source from also have sustainable practises, like reusing and recycling materials. Many also use innovative methods such as biodegradable packaging and chemical-free dying, water collecting, wind turbines and solar energy, as well as using recycled fabrics, materials and reclaimed wood to create their products. “We believe our ethos and dedication to forming great relationships with our suppliers has allowed us to grow,” Jess continues. “We work with our suppliers that know every step of production, are on a first-name basis,
and have long-standing relationships.”

The team also strives to support the local community by sourcing products as locally as possible. Where this isn’t achievable, instead, Jess and co search for the best Fairtrade companies further afield. “Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world,” Emily tells us, who works alongside Jess. “Our Fairtrade suppliers seek to work with disadvantaged and marginalised producers and to develop business with them to help them become financially stronger and more independent. We try to buy craft products that reflect the culture and tradition, and that utilise the skills of, the supplier.” Uneeka does also buy from some larger producers, Emily informs us, but only “if we are happy that they are also adhering to the principles of Fairtrade.” Many larger suppliers are able to provide better job security, facilities and benefits for their workers, and many are able to support community or charitable projects, and where this is the case, Uneeka is more than happy to source from them.

With both a furniture and lifestyle store in Truro, and a new lifestyle store in Falmouth, Uneeka provides all aspects of interior design, founded on the concept of Fairtrade and providing customers with the best ethical products for their home and lifestyle. Ultimately, concludes Jess: “When you shop with us, you don’t need to compromise on style to shop ethically. With Fairtrade, you have the power to change the world every day.”


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"When you shop with us, you donít need to compromise on style to shop ethically."