Cornwall LivingIssue #77

A gin with a difference

A new award-winning gin with its sights aimed at withstanding the best cocktail challenge in the world is now hitting the shelves of the UK’s finest gin mills!

Tyler-Street gin, which is distilled from a vintage copper pot still for authenticity and flavour, is citrus orientated and blended with ten traditional botanicals from the Mediterranean and Europe. It’s proven to be a perfect match for tonic and cocktails, with a hint of dryness and overtones of spice.

“Enticing on the nose – something discerningly different” – The IWSC

Tyler-Street Gin dates from 2016, when William Tyler-Street and his friend, Rob Dorsett – Langley Distillery’s Master Distiller – were experimenting and developing new spirits, like true alchemists! William wanted to create a gin for gin and tonics and cocktails, but with a contemporary edge.

Between them, they focussed their skills on creating a gin with what they describe as an effervescent fresh like spring, a crisp citrus-like overtone with a flavour robust in juniper to stand the best cocktail challenge in the world – the gin and tonic.

William is well travelled; he was born in India and raised in Cornwall and Malaysia. This upbringing has nurtured a passion for flavours, especially rich, full-on aromas such as citrus, hence the citric lead in this gin!

He became a distiller in 2012, with his other brand Curio Spirits, after wanting to create something distinctive and memorable. Speaking about Tyler-Street Gin, he tells us: “The design is a flavour landscape that reflects my passion for big flavours and my passion for travel and new experiences. I think Tyler-Street Gin really hits the mark as one of the best to mix with tonic.”

In just two years, this gin has already received a number of accolades and awards. It won a gold medal in the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) and another gold in The Spirits Business Gin Masters 2017. The IWSC also nominated William for Gin Producer UK 2017 – a fantastic and honourable achievement for a distiller of just four years! Of Tyler-Street Gin, the IWSC said: “enticing on the nose – something discerningly different. Fruit driven and atypical with aromas of tangerine and lime coming to the fore, amongst a backdrop of botanical complexity. Controlled but fruity in the mouth. Vivid and lively, with a nice point of difference. Demands attention, and deservedly so.”

Tyler-Street London Dry can be purchased from Harvey Nichols stores around the UK and this year will see it entering more competitions, trade, and consumer events around the UK, so it’s certainly one to watch!