Cornwall LivingIssue #64

A great outdoors

Maximise your outdoor space with a bespoke exterior solution from Kestrel Specialist Handrail Systems.

Property in the south west lends itself to dizzying views of the coast and long, rolling vistas across Cornwall’s countryside. The way in which potential homes maximise these views can often be the clinching factor when it comes to deciding on your next step into Cornish property. Those of us lucky enough to enjoy such scintillating views of the Duchy often spend as much time outside as we do inside, particularly in the summer months. And yet, we neglect our exteriors while our interiors sing to the tune of contemporary finishes and modern design.

“Your property’s ‘wow’ factor need no longer come to a disappointing end whenever you step outside.”

With this in mind, presenting bespoke and made-to-measure stainless steel handrails, glass balustrades, structural glass, Juliet balconies and safety rails, Kestrel Handrails offers homes across Cornwall an array of practical solutions. Your property’s ‘wow’ factor need no longer come to a disappointing end whenever you step outside.

Since taking over in 2013, Bruce and Katie have taken the business from a supply-only company to one that offers a fully-tailored service, using local suppliers and manufacturing in-house and in collaboration with other local traders. Katie was born and raised here in the Duchy while Bruce, who’s lived here since he was six, brings 20 years’ site experience to the team along with five years’ experience with balustrades. James, who visits site projects and manages the bulk of installations, offered to help out for a few weeks having already worked with Bruce in the carpentry trade. That was four years ago, and he hasn’t looked back since!

Testament to the Kestrel service is Southleigh – a recent project that saw the team collaborate with local firm, Minear Engineering. After Minear had fitted the new steel framing to the balcony, Kestrel took the reins, handling everything from joisting the platform and fitting the decking, to supplying and installing the balustrade, glass in-fills, soffits, fascias and underside cladding. As you can see, the end result is staggering!

Bruce tells us: “We were adding new to the old; the original balcony had been supplied by us to the previous homeowner, so we already had an idea of what we were working with. It was amazing to see the project come to life, and it’s exactly why we love working with other Cornish firms – they share our passion for getting the most out of the Cornish landscape. For us, that’s the most important thing.”

"Your property's 'wow' factor need no longer come to a disappointing end whenever you step outside."