Cornwall LivingIssue #117

A modern magic

Take back control of your energy costs with Cornish Cooker Conversions.

Nothing says Cornish home more than a traditional AGA or Rayburn, the beating heart of the house. However, while your ‘old reliable’ keeps your rooms warm and your meals hot, it may not be the most sustainable way to run your kitchen, and when things go wrong, you may not be able to put them right. That’s where Cornish Cooker Conversions come in. By designing conversion kits for your range to be converted to electric from fuels like oil, gas and solid fuels, you can make your range more efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to independent hob and oven control.

Bringing rustic character and charm to any kitchen, the team at Cornish Cooker Conversions have developed a way to give your stove a new lease of life, so you don’t have to part with it in favour of a more modern oven. With their ElectricKit AGA and Energiser Rayburn conversion kits, it’s never been easier to convert to electric, giving you the flexibility and convenience of controlling the operation of your hobs and oven separately. The process can be completed in as little as a day, with minimal disruption to your kitchen and home. 

Alan Jackson, Co-director of Cornish Cooker Conversions, has worked in the engineering world for over 45 years, and is well known for his design work and implementation of the ElectricKit Aga conversion, which was taken on and manufactured by Oilwarm Ltd in Collumpton. Following the success of the AGA ElectricKit, Alan has since worked on the Energiser Kit to convert Rayburns to electric, which means more flexibility with both cooking and warmth, and a move away from the increasing problem of fossil fuels. This innovative conversion kit is proving every bit as successful as the ElectricKit AGA conversion and has been designed to fit the majority of Rayburn models. For more information on these services feel free to call the experienced Cornish Cooker Conversions team, or visit their website.

For both AGAs and Rayburns, the conversions offer a new lease of life without having to disturb the kitchen, ensuring they’ll run efficiently in the modern day with a greener fuel alternative. The energy-saving benefits speak for themselves, and by moving away from a dependency on fossil fuels into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly functionality, you could see a real drop in your monthly costs, a bonus which I’m sure we could all welcome! 

The team at Cornish Cooker Conversions are finding that they are often contacted by owners of Rayburns that have either had major mechanical breakdowns or fuel issues that unfortunately cannot be resolved. In many cases, the issues leave Rayburns being uneconomical to repair, especially because the parts are difficult – often impossible – to source. Whichever AGA or Rayburn model you use to heat your home, explains Alan, “by converting to electric, we give your cooker a new lease of life, making it more economical and environmentally friendly”. Indeed, conversion is by far preferable to scrapping your stove, which comes with the added angst of disruption to your kitchen and the unwelcome cost of a new cooker.

Converting your cooker is straightforward and fast, only taking a day to complete in situ, with minimal disruption to your kitchen. Once complete, there are so many new options in the operation of your AGA or Rayburn! You can time the oven to come on when you need it to, and even switch it on and off remotely using an App, a fantastic feature if you’re on your way home and you want it primed and ready for your return. 

As you are now only switching on and using energy to cook when you need it to, you’ll no longer be paying unnecessarily
for the oven to be on while you’re asleep,
at work or away from home – it’s all
under control!