Cornwall Living

A natural solution

For a sustainable luxury wild spa experience, Kernow Springs’ hot tubs are an eco-choice that will nourish body and soul. 

Cornwall-based, former boat builder and father of two, Martin Dean, built a couple of wood-fired hot tubs for his garden after sampling their relaxing delights whilst on a family vacation. His beautiful back yard creations garnered much interest and as word spread demand for Martin’s hot tubs increased to the point he was able to launch his own company, Kernow Springs. Now a thriving business, Martin and his team build and supply eco-friendly wood-fired hot tubs across the south west.

Many of us are choosing a greener lifestyle, becoming more conscious of ways we can reduce our environmental impact. Purchases and lifestyle habits affect the environment, and it’s important that we spend time evaluating the eco-friendly and sustainability aspects of the products we buy. Combine this with the rising energy bills of recent months and it’s no wonder that any dreams of a traditional hot tub may feel further from reach than ever. However, Kernow Springs has something in store that might have you re-considering giving up on your luxury dream. 

For centuries, different cultures around the world have recognised the many benefits associated with soaking in a traditional wooden hot tub. The Greeks, the Romans and the Japanese regard it as a ritual – an act of comforting the body and nourishing the soul. With the wood-fired hot tubs of Kernow Springs, the occasional whiff of smoke and the crackle of the fire is a comforting reminder that the water in your hot tub is being heated by burning carbon neutral ‘coppiced’ wood – no electricity, no pumps, 100% natural and 100% sustainable.

Now in collaboration with Water and Stone, to which Kernow Springs supply their beautifully crafted wild spas, it is easier than ever to experience your very own taste of outdoor luxury. Kernow Springs’ wood-fired wild spas are an idyllic off-grid solution that come free of any surprise energy bills, and installation is a breeze. Using his extensive knowledge and experience, Martin is leading the way in the industry of wood-fired hot tubs here in the south west. To find out more, be sure to visit the team on their stand at the Cornwall Home Improvement & Self Build Show, on 1st and 2nd October.