Cornwall LivingIssue #133

A new approach

With its cutting-edge new facility in Falmouth, Britannia Lanes rewrites the rules when it comes to self-storage.

Being the second-biggest town in Cornwall after St Austell, and home to a thriving student population, it’s unsurprising that Britannia Lanes has chosen the popular maritime hub of Falmouth as the site for its newest self-store facility. And whilst there are self-storage options for people in the area already, there are none that offer the combined security, accessibility and flexibility that Britannia Lanes have managed to achieve.

The first thing to say is that all storage at the new self-store facility is indoors, which eliminates the risk of belongings being spoiled by the weather. This is reassuring for those who are moving house and need to store an entire home’s worth of possessions whilst they wait for a moving date. And for parents whose children are studying in Falmouth, it’s equally useful to know that their items can be kept safe for the summer, not to mention the added bonus of not having to ferry it all back home when term comes to a close! This peace of mind of being protected from the weather has already garnered a great deal of interest from customers all over south and west Cornwall, even those from as far as the Lizard as there simply isn’t another self-store facility of its kind in the area!

In terms of access hours, well, it’s really a case of ‘whenever you need’. Literally. Thanks to cutting-edge access via a smartphone app, you can access your unit around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even on Christmas Eve, if Santa needs to pop in and collect the presents, no problem! When it comes to security, the site is monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV. What’s more, all units come with a double layer of security. Each is individually alarmed, and in the highly unlikely scenario that somebody does gain access to your belongings, there are also sensors inside each unit that will sense their body heat and immediately raise the alarm.

So, what can you expect when it comes to capacity? In truth, there is a unit size for everybody. It could be that you’re a tradesperson in need of a place to keep your tools safe whilst on holiday, or that you have too many to keep in the van at any one time. If so, there are small units available that will suit your needs perfectly. Again, thanks to 24-hour access, it doesn’t matter whether you tend to start early or finish late, you’ll always be able to collect and drop off your tools, without having to worry about opening hours.

Similarly, for those with an entire home’s worth of belongings, there are also some very large units available that will house everything you need to store, and with the aforementioned security systems in place and the fact that the storage is inside, away from the weather, you can rest assured that everything will be present and correct when the time comes to collect it. Businesses, too, can benefit from storage at Britannia Lanes’ new self-store facility. It could be that you need space to store records, files or surplus stock. Or, if you’re a seasonal business owner in Cornwall, for example a restaurant with seasonal outdoor furniture, having a safe space to store it all when the weather turns can be very handy indeed.

Perhaps what is most impressive about all of this, however, is the flexibility that Britannia Lanes offers its customers. Everybody has different needs; some need to store their furniture whilst they wait to exchange keys on a new property, while others need longer-term solutions. Self-storage in Falmouth with Britannia Lanes is super flexible, and works on a rolling four-week contract. There is a minimum four-week period to start with, however once those four weeks are up, you are then able to pay only for the days that you use. This means that if, for example, you are two weeks into your second four-week period, you can simply let the team know and you’ll only be charged for the two weeks used. What’s more, you can let them know on the day that you’re moving out, even on the very last day of your latest four-week period, and you won’t be billed for any more days that you’ve actually used.

With our lifestyles becoming increasingly busy by the year, flexibility has perhaps never been more important, so it’s reassuring to know that at Britannia Lanes’ new self-store facility, the service is designed to suit the customer and not the business. To find out more and book a viewing appointment, or to see the latest prices and availability, be sure
to pay the website a visit.

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