Cornwall LivingIssue #118

A Pedn Vounder sunrise

Perfectly captured here by Cornish photographer, Liam Alford, Pedn Vounder beach is a stunning example of the tucked away coves and inlets that characterise the coastline along the far reaches of the Penwith peninsula. 

On mornings like this, particularly during the warmer months when the earthy scent of ocean-hardy wildflowers seems to rise on the air with the sun, you could be forgiven for forgetting you’re in the UK.

Liam’s photography around the county perfectly captures that feeling of far-flung travels that so many come to Cornwall for, his eye for the shot and appreciation of the landscape translating into a stunning portfolio of photography. To see more of his work, be sure to visit his social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, where you can also get in touch to discuss a print of your favourite shot.


Liam Alford

Facebook: liam_alford_photography

Instagram: liam_alford_photography