Cornwall LivingIssue #103

A perfect fusion

Cornish Tea’s new range of eco-friendly Fusion Bags are flavourful to the last sip.

Cornish Tea’s clever ‘Fusion Bags’ are new from this exemplary Cornish brand. The bio-mas bags are made from 100% bio-degradable corn starch, degrading in just two months! The pyramid shape allows the carefully curated, larger cut leaves room to brew, resulting in a more flavourful experience. With a range of 12 delicious flavours for every mood and occasion, here are just five of our favourites.

Red Berry Organic Fusion
A delightful tisane of red berries and fruit, and not a tea leaf in sight! Naturally caffeine free, this will still give you that pick me up you need on a dreary afternoon.

Green Tea Organic Fusion
Perfect for an all day cup of tea, with enough caffeine to get you going but not keep you up all night.

Green Tea and Coconut Organic Fusion
Whilst the coconut isn’t ‘shy’, it adds a natural sweetness and doesn’t overpower the earthy notes of the lush green leaves. A brew that will take you somewhere tropical, even on the dullest day.

Earl Grey and Rose Petals Organic Fusion
As soon as the hot water hits the leaves the fabulously fragrant steam rises and awakens your senses. Floral, citrusy notes make this a familiar favourite.

Cornish Breakfast Organic Fusion Bags
For a tea lover there is nothing like that first cuppa in the morning, and loose leaf is the best. But who has time for that on a week day? With these clever little bags, you will!

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