Cornwall LivingIssue #133

A perfect night’s sleep

From late nights to early mornings, your bedroom says a lot about you; a personal space to unwind and get your well-deserved beauty sleep.

Every year our sleep is interrupted and put out of sync with the move into British Summer Time at the end of March. With lighter evenings approaching, we are going to look in a bit more depth at how you can make your room darker, helping you sleep better, with a little help from the expert team at Shuttercraft Cornwall.

Have you ever wondered how the body finds it natural to sleep at night? When it is light, our bodies automatically assume that it is time to be awake. The body then releases melatonin in mid-to-late evening, a hormone that helps control your daily wake-sleep cycle, relaxing the body and helping us to drift off. It’s therefore no surprise that many more of us struggle to adjust to a new sleeping pattern when British summer kicks in! To help our bodies overcome this daily release of melatonin, we can invest more in our bedrooms, and make a few changes which will impact positively on the way we sleep. Changing temperature levels, getting a comfier mattress, switching off electronic devices, blocking out sound and adopting a relaxing routine are all important ways to create the perfect sleep environment.

If you are looking to help ensure a better night’s sleep, Shuttercraft’s Shutter and Shade could be the answer. Designed with a honeycomb blackout blind integrated with the shutters to make the room as dark as possible, they’re ideal if you or your family need to sleep during the day or if you have harsh streetlights outside your home. Eliminating practically all external light, it’s an effective all-in-one room darkening solution. Fully adjustable to suit your sleep routine, you will be able to enjoy that well-earned quality sleep you deserve.

Your window shutters let you control the light levels in your bedroom, blocking it out or letting it in as desired. Tilting the louvres can keep the room bright while retaining your privacy all the while preventing the gradual bleaching effect of the sun on your fabric and furnishings. Beyond the excellent light control that shutters provide, they add a layer between you and the outside world as additional insulation when the panels and louvres are closed which helps reduce heat loss, saving you money on your bills. Shutters are proven to be the most effective window covering for reducing heat loss in your home. This is thanks to the layer of high-quality hardwood that keeps the heat locked in and the cold locked out.

That said, there is an even more effective solution. You’ve guessed it – wooden shutters together with blinds. According to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a blind and shutter combination will reduce heat loss by 64%. This is likely to be a low figure, too – since it’s based on roller blinds. Since the Shutter and Shade blinds have a single honeycomb cell construction, the savings are likely to be even more impressive.

Hopefully, this beginner’s guide to shutters and blackout blinds has given you plenty of information to help you decide if a Shutter and Shade combination will suit your home. However, the Shuttercraft team understand that everyone’s homes and needs are unique. Therefore, if you need any further information about blackout shutter blinds, they’d be happy to answer your questions!

Always on hand to help you choose the right shutters for your home and make the most of your space, make sure to contact Lynn and Steve Allen, your local Shuttercraft team, to arrange a free, no-obligation home visit. With Shuttercraft, you will enjoy premium, made-to-measure shutters with the benefit of an expert surveyor and fitter who will guide you through the whole process, and help you choose the perfect solution for your home.

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