Cornwall LivingIssue #90

A secluded cabin

Good Life Joinery have recently had the opportunity to help create a gorgeous wood cabin on Cornwall’s north coast.

Good Life Joinery owner Stuart Bowman-Harris has recently completed an exciting project on Cornwall’s north coast. The remote location made for an added challenge but Stuart and the team worked around this problem and helped to create a truly beautiful building that is now a fully fledged holiday let with Unique Home Stays.

“Built with love and raised with only the most natural and sustainable materials around”

It’s unsurprising to us here at Cornwall Living that the cabin is featured as a ‘unique stay’ as it is truly an exceptional building. As well as working around the remote location, the Good Life team also had the brief for the building to be moveable, so it’s built onto a steel frame chassis with wheels. “It was an interesting build to say the least!” Stuart exclaims, and the result is truly spectacular.

Various different types of wood have been combined within the property to create a plethora of different textures and tones, the light wood decking leads into the warm fiery orange tones for the main walls within the cabin and this is contrasted with a dark exposed oak floor and wood clad walls that are painted a deep indigo. The overall effect gives you a sense off being amongst the trees at different parts of the day. From the bright morning light to the deep blues of a wooded forest complemented by an earthy floor, you’re surrounded by nature in the comforting folds of trees. Other stylish features include the bespoke furniture and solid oak sliding doors. The rustic feel is complemented by copper fittings and vintage tiling and it’s unquestionably evident that a lot of careful attention went into creating this building. Unique Stays says of the property: “Juneberry is settled in the quiet idyll of rural bliss. Built with love and raised with only the most natural and sustainable materials around, this luxury cottage in Cubert is a reclaimed utopia of vintage florals, organic craftsmanship and a true at-one-with-nature feel.”

What’s evident from the quality of the build is that Good Life Joinery work to an extremely high standard with careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Creating beautiful buildings that stand out from the crowd, if you have a home improvement project that requires joinery, make sure to get in touch with the Good Life team.



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"Built with love and raised with only the most natural and sustainable materials around"