Cornwall LivingIssue #112

A smuggler’s spirit

A fleet of local, artisan spirits with a boat load of Cornish heritage.

Warm summer days call for crisp, cool drinks in the evening light, and what could be more enjoyable than one produced in the very same county, locally sourced and expertly made? Smuggled from Cornwall is a unique collaboration between Cornwall’s oldest cider maker, Haye Farm, and Cornwall’s first plough-to-bottle distillery, Colwith Farm Distillery. Bill Cole from Haye, and Steve Dustow from Colwith came together, with two farms on two sides of the river with two proud farming traditions, to embrace one shared passion: to respect the integrity, heritage and history of the farms. It all began when these two friends, who share a passion for history, heritage, provenance and product integrity decided to ‘enjoy a glass and have a conversation’.

The company now boasts a collection of three delicious spirits just waiting to be sampled. Its Classic, juniper-led dry gin with hints of apple, citrus and spice is distilled using apples from Haye Farm, possibly the world’s oldest cider maker. The master distiller infuses the apples with botanicals from Haye Farm and further afield to create a true distilled gin which draws upon its unique history, heritage and provenance – 800 years of history in one bottle. Produced from the finest potatoes and distilled in tiny batches, their vodka is gently filtered then blended with the purest Cornish mineral water for a smooth and creamy result which can be enjoyed neat on the rocks or as part of your favourite cocktail. The Barbadian rum is another favourite, a blend of column and pot-distilled rum that has been aged in oak barrels for nine years, creating a complex character with notes of decadent vanilla and sweet honied fruits. Historically, rum would often taste of the sea as the smugglers dragged the barrels along the seabed to avoid vigilant customs officers. Today, the rum is smuggled above-board and allowed to rest at Colwith Farm, before being blended with the purest Cornish mineral water to create a rich and golden elixir, silky-smooth to the taste.

The gin and the vodka are both distilled at Colwith Farm Distillery whereas the rum, in a nod to Cornwall’s smuggling past, is ‘smuggled’ from the Caribbean, but all three embrace an incredible flavour and a wonderful reflection of Cornwall’s heritage.

Smuggled from Cornwall

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