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A sound investment

Discover alternative ways to invest in the UK property market with Acorn Property Group.

Over the last 25 years, Acorn has become established as a specialist in bespoke medium-sized, award-winning housing developments – in areas where the need for quality new homes outstrips supply, across the south west of England, London and south Wales. Priding themselves on being ‘different by design’, each team across the country puts creativity and sustainability at the forefront of each development, ensuring that the homeowner gets the very best from their modern home.

With an in-house team of architects, interior designers, town planners, surveyors and construction managers, Acorn can be trusted to make the most of every opportunity. Together with its research, sales and marketing teams, Acorn specialises in creating and delivering the best scheme for each individual site and community.

That last point is particularly important; community is always at the heart of what Acorn does, and as Melanie Omirou, Executive Group Managing Director and Funding Director, says: “We strive to put the needs of our communities first – whether that’s creating jobs in local areas or creating homes that are accessible for a range of buyers, from first time buyers to downsizers or investors.”

This approach to development has seen Acorn become one of the most successful companies of its kind in the UK, the recent launch of Acorn Property Invest comes as no surprise, but what exactly is it? In short, Acorn Property Invest allows people to ultimately invest in the property market through a modern approach. “We have a Bond offering and a Preference Share,” says Melanie. “Our Preference Shares offer investors the chance to share in our profits by investing directly in our Cotswolds scheme, Ashton Fields.” This unique freehold site promises to provide bespoke homes for a range of occupiers and at the same time, regenerate this once-vibrant community. “These Preference Shares have been structured with the investor’s security in mind,” continues Melanie, “so offer a rate of return regardless of profitability, but also give investors a share of our profits. We now also have an ISA eligible Bond offering – allowing our investors an opportunity to potentially invest through an ISA.”

To help investors in their decision making, Acorn favours transparency in its plans for the future, and how it foresees growth and opportunity to continue to build projects that are not only profitable and strategic, but are also led by the company’s moral principles. “Our plan going forward,” reveals Melanie, “is essentially under three pillars: south west, sustainability and community.

“Firstly, we plan to focus the growth of our business in the south west – an area that we see as the most positive for housing opportunities.” With positive population growth, great employment opportunities, improved transportation links and great schools, Melanie explains that current demand far outweighs supply. “Alongside this,” she elaborates, “we will maintain a wide variety of projects in each region to meet demand from a broad selection of buyers, ensuring Acorn’s business is not reliant on any one sector or region, therefore ensuring we have developments accessible to all buyers.”

Secondly, Acorn intends to uphold a commitment to the highest standards of sustainability and design throughout every scheme. Indeed, since its inception in 1995, Acorn has continued to implement design strategies and innovative technologies aimed at steadily improving the environmental impact of its homes. As Melanie says: “We believe that a focus on sustainability and wellbeing should be at the absolute forefront of everything we do.”

This is where Acorn Green comes in. Acorn Green is the embodiment of Acorn’s commitment to the implementation of the best possible design and technologies to further drive down the carbon footprint of each of its homes, and move towards long-term sustainable housing in communities.
“As we have always done,” says Melanie, “each development we design and build is looked at on its own merits. There is no standard layout or design, and this approach also applies to sustainability. As technology evolves, so do our homes; the way in which we live is constantly changing, and our innovative thinking ensures we can respond in a way that’s pro-active.”

Finally, Acorn will continue to champion its response to the housing crisis in this country, which as Melanie says, “goes beyond the architectural principles and urban design theories, but deals with the future needs of our communities.”

“At Acorn,” concludes Melanie, “we understand a community’s history and aspirations, its lifestyle and collective memories, and seek to create animated and functional urban forms that not only cater to identifiable local demographic and economic needs, but that reinforce the continuity of a neighbourhood’s character and flavour.”

If these plans for the future interest you and you’d like to find out more about the rewards you could reap from this or any of Acorn’s other investment opportunities, then be sure to visit the website or get in touch with the Investor Services Team.


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"As we have always done, each development we design and build is looked at on its own merits"