Cornwall LivingIssue #76

A splash of colour

Introduce some colour into your new bespoke kitchen with help from the experts at Rozen Furniture.

Rozen, an independent maker of luxurious tailor-made furniture on the Lizard peninsula, has over 25 years’ experience in creating bespoke furniture and interiors. The highly skilled team are experts at turning those under utilised areas of your home into the practical and efficient space you need, with a fantastic eye for kitchens. Founder Ian Cox gives us some tips on how you can introduce colour into your bespoke new kitchen.

“Colour is such a personal preference when it comes to our homes…”

Ian tells us: “Colour is such a personal preference when it comes to our homes. Important decisions need to be made when creating a new bespoke kitchen and here at Rozen, we can offer you a variety of ways in which you can introduce some colour.”

Firstly, he discusses neutrals. “If you like to ring the changes often then you should build your kitchen using neutral colours. This way, you can easily change the colour theme of your kitchen by changing your accessories, rugs, blinds etc.”

Or, if you prefer to make a more permanent statement, Ian suggests introducing colour into the build of the kitchen. Rozen can offer you worktops in silestone; made up of 90% quartz, silestone is non-porous and stain resistant and, with Rozen, it’s available in more than 90 colours! Alternatively, why not consider a painted kitchen? This is a very popular choice and Ian recommends mixing it up with colour variations to express your creative side.

Next, Ian moves onto wood veneers. “These offer some truly beautiful choices. We can introduce you to Italian wood veneers in the most wide-ranging selection. Available in a number of shades, from subtle and neutral to the deepest, rich tints, these can be used on your kitchen doors as well as on walls and floors. It’s a truly versatile material and really comes into its own when you have a kitchen cabinet or walls with curves.

Here in Cornwall it’s hard to ignore natural granite as a work surface material. At Rozen there are a range of finishes for this fantastic, durable material, and what could be better than bringing the natural beauty of Cornwall’s outdoors into your kitchen with a stone that’s truly embedded in the Duchy’s heritage?

“Samples and catalogues of materials are available in our studio”, Ian finishes, “just give us a call, make an appointment and we’ll be happy to help you put colour into your new, bespoke kitchen!”

"Colour is such a personal preference when it comes to our homes..."