Cornwall LivingIssue #129

A taste of magic

This festive season, the Rodda’s team have created something rather special to enjoy over the Christmas period with the ones you love most.

Christmas – a festive wonderland for any foodie, with indulgence and exploration as a theme for many around the much-anticipated Christmas dinner table. This year, the team at Rodda’s have something a little bit different in mind to add some extra sparkle to the celebrations, in what reminds us of an edible cocktail in the form of a tantalising trifle, and let’s not forget the magic ingredient – Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream!


  • Cut the Madeira sponge into bite size rectangles and then lay onto a tray.
  • Make your espresso martini by combining the cooled coffee and liqueur in a jug or cocktail shaker and combine.
  • Pour the cocktail over the sponge, keeping a little back for the cream (about 3-4 tablespoons) and leave to soak.

To make the custard, crack the eggs into a bowl along with the caster sugar and vanilla bean paste. Whisk thoroughly until combined.

Warm the Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream, milk and double cream together in a pan until it reaches a gentle simmer.

Once it has reached a gentle simmer, slowly add a little of the warm cream mixture to the beaten eggs and sugar, whilst whisking continuously.

Once whisked together, pour the mixture back into the pan and return to a medium heat, stirring until it begins to thicken. Be careful the heat isn’t too high to avoid scrambling.

When you have reached the desired thickness, remove from the heat and allow to cool.

Next, whip together the Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream, double cream and sugar until it is forming soft peaks. Add a little of the coffee cocktail and gently mix again. Now you can build your trifles! Choose nice individual glasses or a trifle bowl. Begin by laying the soaked sponge on the bottom of the bowl/glasses, then spread some of the cream mixture followed by custard. Repeat this process until you reach the top.

You can dress with grated chocolate, edible gold leaf or chocolate covered coffee beans.