Cornwall LivingIssue #150

A Taste of Summer

Summer seems to have finally arrived in Cornwall!

Now’s the time to sit in the garden or on the beach and enjoy sipping a few cocktails. Rock Distillery has the answer to the outdoor cocktail scene with a myriad of sensational and different concoctions. You can try before you buy in Rock Distillery’s shops in Padstow, Wadebridge, Tintagel and Bude where there are full tasting stations.


Dark and Stormy
To begin the journey, we start with a simple but immensely popular Dark and Stormy. Pour a shot of Rock Dark Spiced Pineapple Rum into a rum tumbler and top up with ginger beer. Sit back and enjoy!

Perfection on a warm afternoon or balmy evening, is Rock Distillery’s new Lemongino. This is a gin-based lemon liqueur and each bottle is made with two and a half fresh lemons. Pour a large shot of Rock Distillery’s Lemongino into a Rock Gin goblet and top up with fizzy water or cloudy lemonade. For a real treat, use either Champagne or Prosecco. Divine!

Pink Rock Gin
While not strictly a cocktail, Pink Rock Gin is something special. This wonderfully dry classic gin is mixed with Rose Champagne from Hautviller. The combination results in a beautiful, very dry gin, best served with a light tonic to get that delicate champagne aftertaste. This is a really fabulous way to idle through a sunny afternoon!

Porn Star Martini
For a Porn Star Martini, Rock Tropics Mango & Passionfruit is really the perfect solution to this very glamourous cocktail. Pour a shot of Rock Tropics Mango & Passionfruit into a Rock Distillery cocktail glass and top up with either lemonade, Prosecco or Champagne for the most delicious drink. Serve generously in the garden or for that glorious cheer up if the weather is not playing ball.

Whiskey Sour
If you enjoy a really fresh citrusy flavour, then why not make a stunning cocktail with Rock Distillery Whiskey Sour. This is derived from the triple distilled Single Malt Whiskey, which has matured in ex French red wine barrels at an ambient 21° Celsius for three years. It is then blended with Cornish spring water with the addition of fresh lemons and pink grapefruit. To make this special cocktail, pour a big splash of Rock Whiskey Sour into a Rock Distillery cocktail glass with either cloudy lemonade or soda water. Sit back and enjoy the zingy flavour!

Coconut Breeze
Keeping it simple, another easy cocktail to make is a Coconut Breeze. Just pour a shot of Rock Coconut Paradise into a glass with ice (if required) and top up with pineapple juice. Something so easy, really shouldn’t taste so good. Get the sunbed out and sit and sip to be transported to that special place.

Lemon Verbena Gin
Rock Lemon Verbena Gin is a real summer celebration. The Verbena leaves are grown on the Roseland Peninsular and really soften the tartness of the lemon. This is amazing served in a Rock Gin goblet with ice and the tonic or lemonade of your choice. Every glass has that really refreshing hint of summer and hazy days.

Why not try a refreshing and zesty Margarita. Let us entice you into a Rock Divine Lime with Salted Caramel Rum. This truly is a classic Margarita! Salt rim a Rock Distillery cocktail glass, pour a large splash of our Rock Divine Lime and Salted Caramel rum and top up with a Mexican lime soda water. Sip and savour the perfect balance, wrapped in a delightful salt-kissed rim. This divine cocktail captures Summer in a glass!


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