Cornwall LivingIssue #99

A toast to Cornwall

Enjoying the taste of locally made and globally loved gins and rums from Cornish Rock Gin.

The distillers at Cornish Rock Gin like to say that there’s more than just a little taste of Cornwall in each pour. They believe that if you close your eyes and take a sip, you will be transported to Rock beach, even if only for a second.

The magic that is Cornish Rock Gin, began in Cornwall when owners Angie and George were out walking their dog, Blue, on the north Cornish coast. They had an idea to distil gin by hand in small batches, using natural spring water from their own deep water source, adding fragrant botanicals and fresh citrus fruits. They set up a distillery in a beautiful wooded valley in their beloved Cornwall and the gin is distilled here to this day.

What began with a single, first creation of Original Cornish Rock Gin, has blossomed into a flavourful range: the tangy Orange Sunset, the dry peppery and smooth Cornish Gold, the flower and grain-infused Blue Angel, and the champagne grape flavoured Pink Cornish Rock Gin – all are made in the affectionately named Bonanza Boy still.

The range has been joined by a new addition – rum – and the Rock distillery now produces two delicious varieties. A spicy caramel-tasting Spiced Rum with vanilla, orange and cinnamon notes, and a White Espresso Rum, made with coffee beans grown by their own nephew and flown directly from Kenya. Because even when the company goes international, they still keep it in the family.

Cornish Rock Gin isn’t just made using Cornish spring water, fresh fruits, and botanicals, it’s made by hand, crafted by a team of local artisans. Before it gets to you, Cornish Rock Gin’s first port of call is the people it knows, loves and cares about. All of their gins and rums are locally made, locally tasted, and meticulously tested, before being hand bottled and receiving their stamp of approval. Ensuring by the time it gets to you, it’s as close to perfect as a drink can get.

So, grab a glass, pour yourself a measure, close your eyes, and see you on Rock beach.



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