Cornwall LivingIssue #125

A touch of alchemy

We’re delighted to welcome back one of Cornwall’s most skilled artisans, and to take a peek at the new magic she’s been weaving over the last year.

Mel Chambers is the creative founder behind Alchemy Tiles and, despite the changing and challenging times, she continues to evolve with ever more stunning creations. Diving deep into the arena of interior design, she brings her magical, alchemic touch to each and every home with her hand-carved and inlaid tile designs, with inspiring images and words.

As one of the only creative tile makers in the UK still using the ancient 13th century technique of hand-carving and inlay, Mel’s work has become exclusively unique. Her bespoke interior designs, incorporating individually created tiles, have provided an opportunity for customers to have something made just for them, each piece being utterly bespoke, intimately personal, and designed from the heart. As each tile is hand-cut and then hand-carved, every space, nook and cranny can be worked with, which is a blessing for Cornwall’s beautiful old homes, which rarely offer the convenience of straight walls. 

Mel was delighted to win the SME Southern Enterprise Award for ‘Best Hand-Crafted Tile Company’ for a second year in a row in 2021, as well as becoming the ‘Made in Cornwall’ Member of the Year! She has been part of the Made in Cornwall scheme for the last six years and, after rigorous testing by Trading Standards, received top marks for her work, being awarded the gold standard of an authentically Cornish product.

With a string of awards to her name, not only is Mel keeping her ancient craft alive, she is also using it as a force for good. After launching three collections last year for local Cornish conservation projects, she’ll be launching another three this year at her annual exhibition in Port Navas, from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th August. 

You can check out Mel’s catalogue of beautiful home creations on her website, each and every one tailored to the customer and home. Every project includes a full consultation and design work before the piece is created, and all is included in the price. But the best part is that, because the designs can never be replicated, just like you, each one is totally unique.

So, if you’re looking for something that brings you a daily smile and warmth in your heart, then why not indulge in a touch of alchemy with Mel Chambers.

Alchemy Tiles