Cornwall LivingIssue #64

A touch of luxury

As we move towards autumn, Uneeka shares some new interior trends and luxurious touches that will get your home feeling cosy.

Brass is the new copper

You’ll start to see less copper, which had begun to pop up everywhere, and instead see an introduction of brass. “This slightly more muted tone will still allow for those much-needed metallic touches, but on a much softer level,” explain the Uneeka team. “We’re still loving a hint though, like these large copper paper lampshades.”

Dark green

Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, is still going strong, but dark green is now becoming the go-to colour. “Rich tones and a bold colour will give your home the accent it needs to stand out.”


Velvet is in… quilts, sofas, armchairs, cushions – whether you’re brave enough for a velvet sofa, or just the cushions to sit on it, we’re told that velvet is the latest trend taking hold, and a great way to add a luxurious touch to your home. “We think these pastel velvet cushions and quilts are the perfect way to introduce velvet into your home. Keep it simple.”


Quilts are in, creating both a cosy touch and a style statement. “Just like a rug, cushions, or curtains, they can easily be changed and add colour texture and pattern to a room, while again adding a little luxury.”


Woven items are a must, including rugs, log bags, shoppers and storage baskets. There are so many uses for baskets and always a need for extra storage, so keep your home stylish and practical. “We stock a wide range of rugs and in a variety of fabrics… jute, leather, cotton, wool and mixes of these together. Our Kilim Rugs are the most popular and traditional style and link perfectly with the woven trend.” A rug is the perfect way to finish off a room and a way to add colour, texture and a little luxury to a room without spending out on the whole room and can easily be changed.