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A treasure island

Rozen demonstrate how a stylish island can transform your kitchen into a chic, practical and important home hub.

The kitchen is arguably the central hub of the home, the perfect space for preparing celebratory feasts, a place where family and friends gather to eat and the control room for planning adventures over a cup of tea. Quite often you will find the life and soul of the party in this hospitable environment and why not? Everything you could possibly need is in the kitchen. A free standing island can be an integral part of your new kitchen layout, tailored seamlessly to your unique lifestyle and practical needs – a striking centrepiece sat harmoniously in tune with your stylish kitchen. When it comes to individuality, the beauty of bespoke means you decide how your kitchen functions and looks, identifying preferred materials, finishes and incorporated hardware.

“The workshop provides pure inspiration, whether your persuasion lies in a contemporary design or you favour a more traditional style…”

Rozen can advise you on how to achieve your goal, utilising plans and perspective drawings, helping you to visualise how the completed project will look. If an island is designed for food preparation, a sink and waste disposal can be part of the work top, cleverly concealed with a chopping board cover, replicating the same material as the worktop itself. Genius. A fantastic choice of worktop is Silestone: made up of ninety percent quartz, it’s non-porous, stain resistant and has anti-bacterial properties to boot. Should you consider yourself to be a star baker, why not incorporate a proving drawer? The possibilities are endless.

Coming home after a long day, the island provides the ultimate place to sit and chat with friends or family over a cup of your favourite coffee with the kettle on hand for refills. Accentuated with bar stools that offer flexible seating arrangements, it does not stop there. The talented designers at Rozen have recently built a kitchen island that incorporated a space for the family Labrador to sit, proving there really is nothing that cannot be done with a kitchen island. For the in-house chef with a penchant for cookery books, easily accessible storage solutions can be incorporated to house them, situating them close to the culinary action for easy reference. Why not install a wine fridge – a very sensible option should your favourite recipe call for a dash of white. In fact, most appliances can be included in an island, it can be a multi-functional and stylish addition, practical and attractive, which will only enhance your family home.

Rozen’s designers have their fingers firmly on the pulse, with knowledge of what is current and innovative when it comes to the creation of a kitchen and can even advise and inform you of the latest kitchen appliance technology. Make a visit to the Rozen workshop at Ruan Minor, where you can see and feel samples of worktops in granite, wood and Silestone and should you wish to include curves on your kitchen cabinets, they have some incredibly beautiful Italian laminates. The workshop provides pure inspiration, whether your persuasion lies in a contemporary design or you favour a more traditional style; getting hands-on and being able to closely examine the display units allows you to appreciate the sheer quality and individual beauty of a hand built Rozen kitchen. With sustainability a key factor in the production of your kitchen, Rozen are committed to using only wood from sustainable sources. A showcase of kitchens that have been expertly designed and built by the Rozen workshop can be seen on the company’s website, where you can browse and admire the skilful craftsmanship and intricate, bespoke detail. The whole process is a journey of creation, from your initial ideas and brainchild, developing into plans, perspective drawings, production, installation and finally, the unveiling of your perfectly finished, dream kitchen.


Did you know?

Rozen will happily undertake projects for clients countrywide and if you find yourself in Truro, you can see Rozen display kitchens in the showroom of Wendron Stoves.


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"The workshop provides pure inspiration, whether your persuasion lies in a contemporary design or you favour a more traditional style..."