Cornwall LivingIssue #110

A true spirit

Sip on a taste of Cornwall this summer, with Cornish Rock Gin’s delicious range of gins and rums.

The distillery and shop at Cornish Rock Gin are both all geared up for summer with a line-up of eight incredible gins and six very special rums to choose from. The magic that is Cornish Rock Gin, began in Cornwall when owners Angie and George were out walking their dog Blue on Rock Beach. Once the idea was born they decided to distil gin in small batches using natural Cornish spring water and original and unique botanicals at their distillery in the beautiful, wooded Allen Valley.

The first Rock Gin was a classic original, wonderfully smooth with a lingering liquorice aftertaste. This was swiftly followed by Pink Rock, a very dry gin enhanced by pink fermented champagne grapes – a unique combination leaving a champagne tingle in the mouth. Next in the line-up came Cornish Gold, again an exceptionally smooth gin with a peppery flavour, pairing well with ginger ale but also enjoyable when sipped neat. A colourful trio then followed; Rock Blue Angel Gin, a fabulous gin, rich blue in colour with a smooth gentle taste; Rock Orange Sunset, with a light orange marmalade taste; followed by Rock Cherry Kiss, full-bodied with a delicate hint of cherries.

Not a gin fan? Then why not sample a Cornish Spiced Rum with cinnamon, vanilla, orange peel, allspice and cubeb pepper, resulting in a spicy, peppery taste or Cornish Red Rum, lightly spiced and enriched with plump red cherries. For something a little special, Cornish White Espresso Rum uses coffee flown direct from Angie and George’s nephew’s farm in Kenya where they support and buy from locals, just as they do with their locally sourced ingredients here in Cornwall.

This year sees the release of three new rums. Cornish Saffron Rum with extra cinnamon, offers a smooth full-bodied unique flavour; Cornish Dark Spiced Pineapple Rum is rich and spicy; while Cornish Vanilla Rum’s sweet, strong vanilla flavour is delicious poured over ice cream. Cornish Rock Gin and Rum is handcrafted by a small team of passionate local artisans. Each new product is tasted and tested by an army of volunteers locally before being hand-bottled and receiving the stamp of approval.

Did you know?

All Cornish Rock Gin is sugar free and made from the freshest and purest natural ingredients. The Rock
Distillery Rums , meanwhile are developed from sugar cane – as all rums are, but the ingredients added to it are
all natural to keep it as pure as possible.

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A taste of the Roseland

New for 2021, Rock Mellow Yellow Saffron Gin is a classic, with a deep rich flavour from saffron harvested locally on the Roseland peninsula. Rock Lemon Verbena gin is mixed with lemon verbena, again grown on the Roseland, resulting in a fabulous lemon tangy citrus mouthful.

Cornish Rock Gin

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