Cornwall LivingIssue #111

A truly wild year

When Covid-19 swept in, and turned the world upside down, local business owners Sam and Tim Moore of Wild Tipi were left treading unknown waters.

Wild Tipi provides beautiful Giant Hat Tipis for weddings and events across Cornwall and the south west. These graceful giants were seen blending into the landscape on picturesque cliffs, nestled into farms and on the grounds of stately homes.

We catch up with Sam and Tim to find out how the pandemic has affected them and how things are changing now that regulations are easing. “When large events were cancelled, it was a huge blow to us here at Wild Tipi,” explains Sam. “Not only did it mean an uncertain financial future, but it was heartbreaking to see the emotional impact of these cancellations. Our couples were lost, and we often lacked clear guidance to help them through.

“It has been indescribably wonderful to have restrictions lifted, and to see weddings and events starting to go ahead again,” continues Sam. “We have the busiest
summer ever ahead of us now that weddings of more than 30 people are now allowed. Our feet haven’t touched the floor since the 21st of June!

“Of course, there are strict guidelines that we need to comply with to keep everyone safe, but it has been a joy to see these days happen at last.”

So what’s next for Wild Tipi? Tim tells us: “We have made use of the time that lockdown has afforded us to work with some fantastic local businesses. We have also been working on a vision to have a permanent space for a Tipi set-up at our home. It is a farm, surrounded by undulating fields of green and not far from some magical pine woodlands.”

“The aim,” Tim elaborates, “is to invite others into our spaces to hold nature-based workshops and corporate days focusing on re-connecting in nature. We are excited about the future. Wild Tipi always has and will continue to be about connections; to each other and the natural world. We believe that after such a wild year, we could all benefit from some time in nature!”

If you would like to find out more about Wild Tipi or wish to enquire about hiring their new space in Ladock, be sure to get in touch, or visit the website to find out more.

Wild Tipi

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