Cornwall LivingIssue #113

A victorian vista

The Falmouth Hotel has been attracting famous faces to its doors for over 150 years, and with its grand exterior and picturesque location, it’s not hard to see why.

Known as the ‘Grande Dame of Falmouth’, The Falmouth Hotel first opened in 1865 as Isambard Kingdom Brunel expanded the Great Western Railway into Cornwall. Its castle-like Victorian architecture, spacious interiors, fantastic seafront location and award-winning food has ensured its place as one of Cornwall’s best-known hotels.

The Falmouth Hotel has stood tall and proud in its unrivalled position, commanding superb views of this historic town, since it was established over 150 years ago. Then, with the rest of the seafront still a patchwork of green fields and paths, the hotel was an oasis for the English gentry. Attracting famous faces throughout history, one such visitor was Beatrix Potter herself who stayed at the hotel in 1892, penning her very first picture letter during her trip: “I have come a very long way in a puff-puff,” she wrote, “to a place in Cornwall, where it is very hot and there are palm trees in the gardens and camellias and rhododendrons in flower which are very pretty. We are living in a big house close to the sea. We go on the harbour in a steam boat and see ever so many big ships.” 

Today, The Falmouth Hotel remains one of the most prestigious hotels in the area, offering high-class accommodation alongside the recent addition of luxury lodges on the hotel grounds for an added touch of decadence and class. With Pendennis Castle viewable from the hotel grounds, you are surrounded by the rich history that weaves its way through the heart of Falmouth, and with a multitude of local eateries just steps away from the local beach, what more could you desire for a perfect Cornish getaway?

Through it all, The Falmouth Hotel has retained a character and sense of style that welcome you into ‘another world’ the moment you walk through its doors. That world, now as ever, is one of Victorian grandeur, spacious comfort and devout personal service – an ageless style and atmosphere that afford a wondrous sense of escape, retaining its appeal in a more informal age. 



The Falmouth Hotel Luxury Lodges offer two and three bedrooms, along with all the benefits of the main hotel. Make sure to visit the website to find out more! 


The Falmouth Hotel

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