Cornwall LivingIssue #77

Adventure seekers

We discuss how the rise of social media has led to an influx in exploration and adventure holidays.

How times change, just a few years ago beach holidays were all the rage; you escaped the hustle and bustle of everyday life and headed for the beach – sand, sun and relaxation was the name of the game.

With the emergence of adventure as part of the tour holiday concept, companies are redefining their tours.”

However, with the growth of technology and the rise of social media, holidays are now increasingly based on experiencing adventures. Our generation is bombarded with photos or ‘selfies’ of people exploring incredible places and as a reaction to this there has been a considerable rise in adventure seekers. Now, that’s not to say that you have to be mega fit to enjoy these holidays, they simply allow you to immerse yourself more into the culture of a destination, seeing the sights and truly experiencing a place.

In response to this new trend, a group of like-minded tour operators – who specialise in touring and adventure holidays – have joined forces to create the Association of Touring & Adventure Suppliers (ATAS).

Touring has always been important in the eyes of the British holidaymaker, with coach companies taking passengers all over the British Isles and the continent for years. However, the way in which touring is executed has started to evolve, taking the concept of touring further, and in doing so – it’s also captured the imagination of the younger generations, who are looking for something different to the traditional tour.

Take the cruise industry, for example. In the last fifteen years it’s exploded, with over 70 cruise companies, 350 ocean-going cruise ships and over 1,000 river ships, all providing cruise holidays. The question is, could the touring and adventure industry expand in the same way? ATAS believe so. So far there are 21 founder members, many of whom are well-established tour operators and therefore well versed in the touring industry. Companies such as Leger, AAT Kings, APT, Newmarket Holidays, Riviera Travel and Trafalgar, (to name but a few) are investing in the adventure touring industry and are well known to us all for providing exceptional tours around the world already, whether on land, sea or by river.

With the emergence of adventure as part of the tour holiday concept, companies are redefining their tours. Companies such as Exodus, who have already been in the business for 40 years, have started to formulate tours that immerse the traveller in the country’s culture and environment. It’s Exodus’ ethos to be responsible for the local environment and communities, working with local guides, restaurants and guest houses to help you get closer to the heart and soul of the destination you’re visiting and for communities to benefit as well.

And you don’t have to give up luxury to enjoy a touring and adventure holiday. Companies such as Collette provide all-inclusive tours, where local tour guides show you the best of a destination and your accommodation and cuisine is of the highest standard. Then there are activity holidays, all carefully prepared to cater for different levels of fitness; walking, cycling and wildlife encounters are among the most popular.

Touring and adventure holidays are normally limited to small groups, which is also ideal for the single traveller. You’ll meet like-minded people to explore with and have free time to explore on your own or optional excursions and guided excursions to get the best out of a destination.

With the rise in interest in these types of holidays, a touring and adventure holiday has evolved for everyone, so why not experience this exciting new chapter of holiday exploration for yourself?


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"With the emergence of adventure as part of the tour holiday concept, companies are redefining their tours."