Cornwall LivingIssue #69

Affordably indulgent

At an affordable cost, the new D-SERIES from Rointe presents an incredibly indulgent style of living.

Where, more so than Cornwall, do we want to make the most of living in the countryside, or on the exposed reaches of the coast, while maximising year-round comfort? One of the most effective ways of achieving this, especially during the coldest and most blustery months of the year, is by efficiently heating our homes.

“.. it provides comfort and wellbeing…”

Heating isn’t just a perfunctory item in a home. Rather, it provides comfort and wellbeing, and with the recent addition to many homes of smart controls for electric heating, users can now adapt their home environment with minimum effort. Being able to control each heating product in your home puts you in charge. It means you can heat it more efficiently and manage your energy consumption in a much more cost-effective manner, saving you money in the long term. The only issue with this new, previously unimaginable technology is that it often overloads the everyday user with meaningless information. This is where Rointe comes in, with its innovative D-SERIES.

In a world of changing technology, the D-SERIES is a global pioneer in incorporating an internal Wi-Fi module. In essence, this allows you to access control of all the D-SERIES’ features from a smartphone, tablet or PC via Rointe’s exclusive and extremely user-friendly mobile app, Rointe Connect. Via the app, you can instantly control whichever heating products you choose to install, including: radiators, designed to allow the most natural air circulation in a room, helping it reach the desired temperature at a much quicker speed than standard heating systems; towel rails, the perfect complement to any bathroom and certainly a welcome touch in the depths of winter, and finally, water heaters. The D-SERIES water heaters are the ideal solution for completing your new heating system. Built to last, Rointe ensures that the function of its heaters, under any circumstance, is second to none, and with five models ranging from 50 to 200 litres, you can choose one that best matches your needs. They also incorporate a progress function, which enables you to see the amount of available water at any time. Impressively, they even include an anti-legionella function, which can be used to protect the system against these bacteria.

The whole D-SERIES is available in a range of finishes, including white, graphite and chrome, meaning they promise to fit seamlessly into your décor. Indeed, whether your traditional design scheme demands a low profile that promises not to interfere with your interior, or you require a system that’s in keeping with your ultramodern home, the D-SERIES range is up to the job.

All products include a guarantee. This, combined with the fact that Rointe has been the European leader in low-consumption electric heating and hot water systems for more than 30 years, means you can rest assured that your new investment will stand the test of time, eradicating those unnecessarily high heating bills this winter and, indeed, for many winters to come. As the old adage goes, a stitch in time saves nine!

".. it provides comfort and wellbeing..."