Cornwall LivingIssue #98

Aiming high

We meet Cassie Davey, who is launching a brand-new fashion brand for tall women.

Focusing on her interior design career and becoming a mother meant life initially got in the way of Cassie’s dream to create clothes suitable for female frames over 5’10”. However, after losing a close friend in early 2020, Cassie realised life was too short, so she took action and approached Outset Cornwall for support in getting her business, Tall & Beautiful Clothing Ltd, off the ground.

“I already knew how good the Outset programme was from when my husband wanted to start his own business a few years ago, so I was pleased to see it was still available,” explains Cassie. Once she’d registered on the programme, Cassie was keen to get going but had to put her plans on hold as the COVID-19 pandemic forced the UK into lockdown.

With the Outset team working quickly to move training sessions online, it wasn’t long before Cassie could continue accessing the training and support she needed to keep going.

“Now having completed the online sessions, plus additional workshops, I’m at a point where I’ve registered my company with HMRC, and I’ve launched my website and social media to create awareness,” says Cassie. “I didn’t expect to get so far so quickly, and Outset’s support has been amazing every step of the way.”

Cassie’s next challenge is to produce her garments, and despite a lack of funds initially knocking her confidence and self-belief, with Outset’s help, she’s devised a way to achieve her goal. “A few weeks in, I started questioning whether I could actually do this,” says Cassie. “But speaking with one of Outset’s brilliant advisors gave me a much-needed ‘lightbulb’ moment, and now I’m launching a Crowdfunder campaign to raise the money.”

Featuring a host of rewards that include one of Cassie’s exclusive designs, the plan is to raise enough funds to start production of her pieces by autumn, ready for an official launch in spring 2021. “I wanted to build a distinctive, trusted brand that celebrates tall women and gives them confidence. Thanks to Outset, I’m so close to achieving that,” says Cassie. “My one piece of advice to anyone thinking about starting a business and joining Outset would be ‘do it’; I didn’t want to grow old and always wonder ‘what if?’, and I definitely wouldn’t have got this far without them.”


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