Cornwall LivingIssue #103

Al fresco foodies

Cooking outside in a bespoke kitchen or over an open fire is the ultimate in outdoor living.

As more of us are spending time at home, now’s the time to have some fun and be creative when it comes to cooking. We all love a summer barbeque, but have you ever thought about cooking outdoors all year round? Zowie and Gareth do just that, and are so passionate about cooking in the open air that they have turned it into an exciting new outdoor living business. Named after their young son, Soal embodies the couple’s enthusiasm for cooking outdoors.

Zowie explains how it all started: “My first job was preparing and cooking barbeques for a large number of guests every week. I loved the smell, taste and atmosphere. Barbequing became a personal passion of ours, and it’s not uncommon for us to be out in all weathers cooking up something over hot embers. Even on Boxing Day we have had a 12 hour joint smoking on the barbeque…and yes, that meant putting this on in the early hours of the morning!”

Barbeques can be as simple or as complex as you like, but as Zowie explains: “It’s all about having fun, just enjoying the alfresco dining experience. We have seen how outdoor entertaining can differ in many different countries and this really excites us. Cooking outdoors fills your senses – the smell and the taste of open cooking combined with a glass or two of wine is what life is all about. As a family we have learned the art of outdoor cooking together and have enjoyed teaching our young son a set of al fresco culinary life skills that will be with him forever!”

Soal offers a range of top quality products that range from full, design-led outdoor kitchen installations from Fire Magic to sleek Alfa pizza ovens and incredibly beautiful and authentic Kadai firebowls. With over 12 years’ experience building a successful plumbing and heating  business, Zowie and Gareth have transferred their practical and culinary expertise to bring the ultimate in outdoor cooking and entertaining to the south west. So, whether you are looking to embark on your first al fresco culinary journey or want to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level, be sure to make Soal your first port of call.

Discover More
Soal’s brand new showroom will be opening soon, featuring a range of in-situ kitchens, barbeques and pizza ovens as well as some great worktops, taps and that ever important fuel for your fire. Visit to sign up for the latest news and opening times.

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