Cornwall LivingIssue #137

Art in Focus

Emily Penfold is a British multidisciplinary artist, graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2018. Within her practise, Emily explores the fragility of life, celebrating its internal magic in all its forms.

Delving into the fragile dimensions of sea-life, Emily explores the delicacy of what lies beneath the surface. Inspired by this powerful force of nature, the infinite water of the sea evokes an unequivocal sense of both fear and calm, something that can make you feel so fragile and alive all in one.

Jellyfish have the power to simultaneously instil wonder and fear, their sting being like an electric shock, a spark of nature’s energy. She uses light and bold colours within her work to highlight the hypnotic beauty of these translucent bundles of energy, bringing the magic of the sea into your home!