Cornwall LivingIssue #63

Automate your home

Stunning bespoke blinds from Westcountry Blinds, lovingly crafted using the latest technology from the Hayle workshop.

Isn’t it great when you can control things with the touch of button? Today, our homes are increasingly automated, giving us more time to enjoy the things that really matter.

“Making your home both beautiful and practical is not complicated, with a little help from Westcountry Blinds.”

The team at Westcountry Blinds achieves this with its commitment to making our homes both beautiful and functional through enabling automation to curtains and blinds.

The company, which was set up over 16 years ago, draws on over 25 years of experience in the industry, and produces bespoke curtains and blinds, the majority of which are created on site in Hayle, allowing strict control over the entire process.

The Westcountry Blinds team has noticed a significant increase in demand from both new and existing customers to install powered blinds in their homes and offices. So, keen to keep a finger on the pulse, we catch up with the team, to discover more about the products and their inherent benefits.

“We’ve invested in the latest powered technology on the market to enable us to bring a product which is totally child safe, easy to install and incredibly easy to use.”

When building a new home, a mains-powered option can be specified with all wires concealed to retain a clean, contemporary look and feel. If, however, you are fitting powered blinds to your current home, then battery-powered options can be supplied with the battery pack sitting neatly behind the headrail. Powered blinds can be fitted to a range of blinds including LiteRise, roller, Duette, vertical and Velux blinds. The team works closely with each client, tailoring the solution depending on your specific requirements, considering factors such as how far the blinds will drop and heaviness of the material used.

Westcountry Blinds has teamed up with industry leader Somfy to create the motorised mechanism for its automated blinds, which are all made on site in the Hayle workshop. These nifty motorised solutions are completely scalable, allowing new equipment to be added as required, without disrupting the original installation.

The team’s mission is a simple one: to harness technology to make your home an even more enjoyable and comfortable space. The company does this by finding solutions to complicated applications and, indeed, the team’s passion is truly infectious in this pursuit. They really are masters of their trade and innovators in their sector, also taking orders from commercial clients and often working alongside architectural firms with their clients to build some of Cornwall’s most prestigious homes.

Making your home both beautiful and practical is not complicated, with a little help from Westcountry Blinds. Crucially, your blind system can be designed to suit any budget. So why not make your home work for you, with stunning, Cornish-made automated blinds? Talk to the team at Westcountry Blinds today.

"Making your home both beautiful and practical is not complicated, with a little help from Westcountry Blinds."