Cornwall LivingIssue #130

Baiting for hope

In a bid to share a healthy mindfulness in difficult times, Justin Keight explains why fishing is so much more than just a hobby at Tight Lines.

Why do people go fishing?
The answer is quite simple. Anglers have unlimited amounts of hope. It is this hope that soon becomes a focus that evolves into a habit, which makes way for an incredibly wonderful pastime. Justin Keight, founder of Tight Lines, is one of those anglers full of said hope. An experienced fishing guide within his own outdoor adventure business, Cornwall Adventures, Justin envisaged a way of teaching people a key life skill whilst helping those that are struggling with mental health. Thus, in the summer of this year, Tight Lines was born

Tight Lines is a Cornwall based non-profit Community Interest Company, providing mental health support to the people of Cornwall, using the wonderful sport of fishing as the vehicle. Sea angling from the magical Cornish coast can really help boost mood and mindfulness, as surrounding yourself with nature has been shown to have a positive impact on mental wellbeing. Focusing on your rod or float, as well as striving to improve your fishing skills, helps to relax both your body and mind.

The main focus of this community project is set on those of adult age who are experiencing difficulty and issues with mental health, including PTSD, anxiety, stress and depression. Through regular meetings and angling workshops, Tight Lines brings like-minded individuals together, learning and sharing new skills, whilst creating its very own angling community.

The project will also look to work alongside and support a range of Cornish businesses creating fundraising events for Tight Lines and other worthy local causes through feast nights and happenings throughout Cornwall. If you are a business and would like to work alongside Tight Lines to help to improve the lives of the people living in Cornwall, make sure to get in touch. This social project is more than just a fishing society. It’s about bringing the community together and helping as many people in Cornwall as possible, using our biggest ally – the sea.