Cornwall LivingIssue #132

Beautifully Bespoke

Having built a reputation for her stunning fine art installations all over the country, Florence Super is now bringing home interiors to life too.

A fine artist specialising in marine life and botanical art, Florence has always been fascinated by the thriving elements of nature that have surrounded her since childhood, having painted her first mackerel at three years old. Today, Florence has populated restaurants and venues all over Cornwall and further afield with her unique take on the natural world.

If you’ve visited Stein’s Fishmongers and Seafood Bar in Padstow in recent years, you may have noticed a rather striking mural adorning the restaurant, bright with finely detailed fish and marine life. As her very first big commissioned installation, this is a landmark piece for Florence. Painted on 23 beautifully aged and repurposed scaffolding planks, this charming mural resides in the Fisheries as an inviting visual insight as to what may be on the menu throughout the Stein establishments.

In places like The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, Florence has impressed her talents straight onto the walls themselves, filling the space with her creativity and finely tuned artistic talent in the form of botanical beauty, a project that she holds close to her heart: “I would love to be working mainly on murals – this is a huge passion of mine,” Florence explains. “There is something about murals which, for me, tells so much more of a story than an artwork hung. I will cherish the opportunity given to me, and the faith placed in me to paint the botanical mural for the Duchy Nursery, a first for me and them.”

While her work steals the show in restaurants and venues around the UK, and has been exhibited within private exhibitions, art fairs and is now decorating homes all over the world, Florence is turning her attention to private homes. While she has introduced her skills to Cornish homes, her work has taken her across the UK to deliver bespoke murals to anyone looking to add something particularly special to their interiors, often reaching around more than one wall to add an extra personalised feel. Welcoming challenges of all shapes and sizes, make sure to contact Florence for your very own home installation.

07794 424570