Cornwall LivingIssue #84

Blooming marvellous!

A gift box of spring scented flowers, fresh from the Isles of Scilly, may just be the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Based at Churchtown Farm on the beautiful Isles of Scilly, the Julian family have been sending gift boxes of island-grown flowers by 1st Class post to any doorstep in the country for over 25 years. The whole enterprise literally started on the farmhouse kitchen table.

Tucked behind tall hedges, the farm is a hive activity all year round. The winter crop of scented narcissi is picked from October to April. The narcissi are grown in the traditional way – outdoors in small sheltered fields, and the farm is always at its busiest in the run up to Christmas. From late May until autumn, the summer crop is scented pinks. Closely related to their bigger, showier cousins the carnations, pinks are more delicate and have subtle perfume.

“Our customers love the simplicity of what we do. There are enough challenges running a business from a small island in the middle of the Atlantic without over complicating it!” says Ben Julian, who heads up the 18 strong team at Scilly Flowers along with his wife Zoe. “It isn’t that we dislike change. The way we run the farm in constantly evolving to ensure we are growing the best quality flowers we can.”

The last busy part of the winter scented narcissi is Mother’s Day. A gift box of scented spring flowers is the perfect traditional gift, and sending flowers that are grown outdoors in the UK and are packaged using minimal plastic means this is a gift with strong environmental credentials, too!

You can order your Mother’s Day flowers at or call Churchtown Farm on 01720 422169. All orders must be made by 27th March.

Find out more about this fantastic island farm by watching their latest video:

“Our customers love the simplicity of what we do"