Cornwall LivingIssue #75

Booking made easy

We hear from the team at Anytime Booking, an online booking service for camping, glamping and holiday cottages in Cornwall.

So, what’s your story? What made you realise that there was a gap in the market for this kind of service?

 “Anytime Booking is an online booking and management software designed in Cornwall to specifically support the booming camping, glamping and holiday cottage market; a market that we’ve noticed has distinctly different needs to hotels! By integrating an easy to use, mobile-friendly booking process with our clients’ websites, we give their guests a quick and simple way to book holidays online, 24/7.”

 What is the benefit to your clients and their guests?

“We process over 25,000 booking a month to the tune of around £3 million. We fire off over 90,000 automated booking confirmation, balance reminder and pre-arrival emails a month across our customer base. Saving an extraordinary amount of admin time. Furthermore we are not a holiday home agency and we don’t take commission, we are a local booking management partner, here to provide holiday businesses with the right online tools to manage their accommodation themselves.”

Do you work with independent holiday homeowners too, or just holiday parks and larger businesses?

 “Our clients vary. We work with small 5-pitch campsites; medium to large family run sites, big holiday parks with a mix of static caravans, camping and lodges; boutique glamping sites; small holiday cottage businesses with only one or two cottages, through to large holiday cottage agencies with over 200 properties.”

What kind of feedback do you get from your clients?

 “One of our Cornish clients, Bosinver Farm Cottages has said of our service: ‘The quality of our booking system is an essential part of our success – we are proud to use a Cornish firm that’s going from strength to strength.’”

Finally, how well does your service integrate with a company’s existing system?

 “Our booking platform easily integrates with any website. If a holiday business has become disenfranchised with their current booking system, and is looking to migrate to Anytime Booking, we will make the transfer as easy as possible, walking them through all the settings. Plus, the beauty of being Cornwall-based means we can offer onsite training or clients can pop in and see us at our offices in Helston anytime!”



As well as having a solid presence in Cornwall anytime also service businesses all over the UK, into Europe and as far afield as Sri Lanka.



1st Floor, 19 Coinagehall Street TR13 8ER

01326 574660