Kids Love Cornwall Living2018/19

Bookworms: Read all about it

Throughout the year, we publish reviews of classic books, both old and new, and often with a Cornish twist. Here are a few of our favourites.

Meg at Sea (Meg and Mog)

Helen Nicoll & Jan Pienkowski

Meg, Mog and Owl are in for another exciting adventure in this much-loved classic story full of magic, making fires, catching fish and helicopter rescues. When they are stuck in a boat, Meg makes one of her spells and gets more than she bargained for!



Oliver Jeffers

When Floyd gets his kite stuck in a tree, he throws up his shoe to knock it out, but that gets stuck too. So, he throws his other shoe together with a pot of paint, a ladder, an orang-utan, a boat and a whale! Will Floyd ever get his kite back?


Hello to Hellie’s World

Helen Ann Young

Join Hellie, Grandad, Jaffa the dog and friends, as they go on a quest to explore and enjoy the world we live in. An interactive adventure that encourages children to learn about their homes, planets and stars, plants and landscapes, animals, weather and people through fun and creative activities.


The Detective Dog

Julia Donaldson & Sara Ogilvie

Peter’s dog Nell has an amazing sense of smell. She is known far and wide for her talents, whether it’s finding a lost shoe or discovering which dog made a mess on the new gravel path, her gifted nose is always hard at work. One day, when Nell goes with Peter to school, they discover that all of the books are missing! It’s up to Nell and her nifty nose to sniff out the culprit!


The Ferry Birds

Helen Dunmore & Rebecca Cobb

This beautifully illustrated story from award-winning author, Helen Dunmore, follows Jago, a small boy on a remote island missing his dad as he works away in Canada. When visiting his gran, Jago notices two turnstones who fly back and forth everyday leading to a magical dream where the birds fly him north to see his dad.


The Big Big Sea

Martin Waddell & Jennifer Eachus

Winner of the 2004 Hans Christian Anderson Medal, this beautifully silver-washed illustrated book portrays a bond between a child and her mother that makes the dark sea safe and calm, as they take an enchanting walk on a moonlit beach. They splash in the sea and sit on the shore and admire the distant lights of a far-off town as they “Remember this time. It’s the way life should be.”


Pixie and Penrose in The Red Flag is Flying

Jools Hichens & Graham Hichens

The second book in the Cornish Pasty Peeps series, Pixie and Penrose welcome their Scottish friend Hamish and learn about being safe next to the sea. The book focuses on the warning flags seen at beaches and when is best to swim.


My Friend Whale

By Simon James

This bittersweet tale makes us think about our place in the world and how we are caring for the planet and the creatures on it. Imagine how wonderful it would be if we had a blue whale as a friend, and then how sad it would be if that friend disappeared one night and never returned.