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Boutique style

Manor Fashions offers a unique and relaxing shopping experience for weddings.

Manor Fashions is an exclusive boutique specialising in mother of the bride and mother of the groom outfits. Ladies are encouraged to make an appointment where the proprietor, Ann Pascoe, will guide them through hundreds of outfits to find the perfect one for that special day.

I received so many compliments on my outfit”

Judith Milton went to Manor Fashions for the outfit she would go on to wear at her daughter’s wedding at the beginning of April this year, and commented on her experience: “Thank you for your wonderful service Ann. You certainly have such a lovely selection of outfits that it isn’t worth going anywhere else; I received so many compliments on my outfit.”

Offering a relaxed and unique shopping experience, Manor Fashions is situated in a beautiful rural environment in the rear courtyard of Truthall Manor – only two miles from the town of Helston. Although a little off-the-beaten-track, this just lends to the shopping experience and makes it feel like something special, which is how it should feel when shopping for the outfit that you’re going to wear to your child’s wedding. Plus, there’s plenty of parking, making it easier than the hubbub of town.

Ann gives these tips for mothers of the bride or groom: “Know what the bridesmaid colours are before looking for your outfit, and make sure to choose colours and styles that suit you – it’s no good choosing a colour to fit in with the theme of the wedding if it washes you out. Also make sure to visit specialist shops so you can try on any number of outfits, and see what works. Online shopping is great but in this instance, it’s sure to cause more stress than trying on outfit there and then.”

Finally, by going to Manor Fashions, you’re assured of the fact that you will be wearing something special that isn’t available on the high street, and with outfits ranging from £180 to £900, there’s something for every budget. Get in touch today to book your appointment and find the perfect wedding outfit to make your day even more special.


Manor Fashions

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"I received so many compliments on my outfit"