Cornwall LivingIssue #77

Brave the elements

Make sure you stay dry this season by ensuring your waterproofs are ready for any Cornish downpour.

The best way to explore Cornwall in the autumn and winter months is to don your waterproofs and get out there, come rain or shine. With help from outdoor experts Outback Trading in Helston, we have some top tips on how to make sure your outerwear is weather proof and winter-ready. Nobody likes to be stuck in a downpour with a jacket that doesn’t do its job, but with effective garments you can avoid any leaks and also keep your waterproofs looking good for longer.

“Market leaders in outdoor garment care come from Nikwax and Grangers…”

If you wear a waterproof jacket often, it is open to the elements, rain showers and general wear and tear day in, day out. You may find without realising that the resilience to rainfall in your jacket has reduced and needs to be revitalised before being ready to take the hit again this winter. The way to do this is with a specialist cleaner and re-proofer. Market leaders in outdoor garment care come from Nikwax and Grangers. Outback Trading recommends sticking with one of these brands as they are reliable and perform very well, and Nikwax is readily available in Outback’s Cornwall store and online.

If you use biological washing powder you’ll need to start by cleaning any powder remnants from the draw and drum of your washing machine as it can be detrimental to the breathability of technical outerwear. Next, grab one or two waterproof garments for washing/reproofing. Outback Trading suggests proofing two garments at once as you’ll need to use the same amount of solution regardless of garment quantity. Prepare each garment by closing all pockets and closing zips so nothing gets caught in the machine.

Use the manufacturer’s recommended dosage of cleaner in your machine and wash as instructed. When the cycle has finished you don’t need to take the garments out, as you’re now ready to apply the waterproof layer. Repeat the same process as above but using a re-proofer instead. When the machine has finished its cycle, spin the machine to dry the garments a little more, then, naturally dry the jacket or place in a tumble drier on low for 15-30 mins – do not dry on a radiator.

And that’s it! Your waterproofs should now bead off little droplets of water again as if you’d bought them brand new and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll stay dry on your next Cornish adventure.


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"Market leaders in outdoor garment care come from Nikwax and Grangers..."