Cornwall LivingIssue #69

Bright ideas

Designer Jo Downs launches her new Chandelier lighting collection.

On Friday 9th and Saturday 10th February, Jo Downs will be unveiling brand new work at the cutting edge of contemporary glass design with the launch of her spectacular new Chandelier lighting collection. The ‘open to all’ event at her Launceston studio and gallery will showcase a wealth of uniquely beautiful, handcrafted new works that represent the next step in the complex field of fused-glass design.

“From her trademark ocean-inspired motifs, to geometrically inspired designs…”

From her trademark ocean-inspired motifs, to geometrically inspired designs, these collections update the classic concept of the chandelier for the 21st Century interior design market. The launch also marks the beginning of a new creative partnership between Jo Downs Handmade Glass and design company Northern Lights, which has been creating inspiring lighting solutions since 1987 and has worked with Jo to create integrated lighting for her new range of chandeliers.

Collections include elegant pieces inspired by nature, like her oceanic ‘Piscis Waterfall’ design, or cloud-inspired ‘Camella Altocumulus’ chandelier, as well as more dramatic, abstract pieces like her stunning ‘Tabella Aetatis’ rectangular chandelier, designed as a statement dining or conference table piece. Alongside these are new collections of wall mounted arc and panel lighting, such as her richly textured ‘Seascape’ wall lights, and panel lighting in Jo’s iconic ‘Beach’ palette of rainbow colours.

Visitors to the Launceston gallery launch can get inspired, discuss design options with Jo’s friendly team, and explore each of the new collections, all of which are available as part of Jo’s new custom design service, Jo Downs Architectural Glass. So, if you’re a lover of Jo’s work, or you want to round off your contemporary décor with spectacular, cutting edge lighting, don’t miss the grand unveiling in Launceston!

"From her trademark ocean-inspired motifs, to geometrically inspired designs..."