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Brush strokes

Buzzing with an energy that screams creativity and art, the High Street in Falmouth is home to an arts and crafts emporium: The Grey Lurcher.

Three years ago, walking the cobbled streets of Falmouth, Julie and Chris Duddle noticed a sign in a shop window that simply read ‘To Rent’. With shared backgrounds in textile design and retail, an ideal opportunity had presented itself to them. The High Street appealed to them for its unique character and the numerous other small creative businesses that line the street. Surrounded by cafés, restaurants, and incredible views it certainly exudes a chilled vibe.

Opening in October 2017 with a lot of hope and very little stock, The Grey Lurcher was up and running. Positively evolving over the last three years and sticking to a formula of providing gifts for you or your home, The Grey Lurcher also stocks the iconic range of paints from Annie Sloane.

It was during the second year of trading when Annie Sloan, curious as to whether The Grey Lurcher would like to stock her paint, approached Julie and Chris. Julie jumped at the chance; as an artist and textile designer, it seemed the right product to sell. After training with Annie Sloan at her headquarters in Oxford, it was go-time, and fans of Sloan soon became regular customers! The Grey Lurcher stocks everything required to up-cycle furniture, including paintbrushes, waxes and varnishes. Samples of Annie Sloan fabrics are on display, along with books and stencils.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the paint sales increased and Julie even had time to wield a brush herself, splitting her time between painting furniture at home, and renovating the house that they’d recently moved into!

An avid up-cycler, Julie is a fountain of knowledge on the subject and is always happy to offer advice on colour and technique. One-to-one workshops are available, but with the amazing resources on offer at the Annie Sloan website (, it is just a case of rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in!


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The Grey Lurcher is open Thursday to Saturday, 11am to 2pm, or by appointment.



There are more than 30 colours of Annie Sloan paint to choose from. At only £21.95 per litre, isn’t it time you got up-cycling?


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