Barbara Karn

Barbara works in a variety of media, but drawing is central to the way that she explores her subject matter, using observation, imagination and invention. Over the years she has focused on many different subjects, but landscape and animal studies are at the core of her current work.


Barbara's landscape pieces are large and expressive, often echoing the figure studies and nudes of her earlier work. She uses a range of media including watercolour, gouache, collage, charcoal and conte. Recently, she has started to include hand-mixed paints in her work, created from grinding down pigments that she collects when out making studies. Occasionally, she also produces small pieces in carved stone.


Barbara finds that animals make lively and challenging subjects, translating well into greetings cards and limited edition prints. The cards and prints started with birds, then spread to seagulls, dogs, cats and farmyard animals.

Barbara Karn

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