Holiday Home Waste Collection

Holiday Home Waste Collection, now part of 'Recycling for Cornwall', provides a convenient service that guarantees your arriving guests are not greeted with someone else’s rubbish bags.

Your holiday home waste is taken and your rubbish bin is cleaned, disinfected and then covered with a black wheelie bin bag.

General waste is to be placed into it's own bags, and recycling can be done using the free clear recycling bins that Holiday Home Waste Collection will provide to every household to encourage clean, dry and mixed recycling. This recycling, except glass, will be collected by a company who will transport it to the west of Cornwall, where it will get separated, baled and then sent in various directions for recycling.

The glass is collected from Cornwall Cullet, who then arrange transport to Yorkshire where all of the glass is recycled into light bulbs. 

Holiday Home Waste Collection

Trerice orchard
PL27 7LE

01208 815060

07814 934978