Cornwall LivingIssue #107

Calling all thrill-seekers!

Are you craving that post-lockdown adrenaline buzz?

For those of you who miss those moments when you feel like your heart is about to jump out of your body – moments before you burst into uncontrollable laughter – as we begin to see light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, we may have found just the thing for you.

Situated in the heart of Cornwall, within the idyllic setting of the Eden Project, is Hangloose Adventure. This outdoor adventure centre is perfect for thrill-seekers visiting or living in Cornwall, providing them with an exhilarating and unforgettable, adrenaline-fuelled day out. Last year, despite Coronavirus, Hangloose was listed in the top 10% of tourist attractions worldwide on TripAdvisor, which is no mean feat, but like so much else here in the Duchy, it really is world-class!

We have all been experiencing that ‘Groundhog Day’ feeling over the past year, and a trip to Hangloose Adventure has to be the perfect way to break that spell, making your day stand out and giving you, your friends and family something to remember for the rest of your lives.

So what will you find at Hangloose Adventure? Firstly, there’s the Skywire – England’s longest (and fastest) zipwire experience. At 660 metres long and almost 100 metres high, this is perfect if you want to gain a new perspective on the Eden Project’s world-famous biomes. Try not to blink; at 60 miles per hour, you may just miss them!

If you’ve already taken the Skywire forwards, why not try it backwards? Maybe you can’t face looking down the wire, or perhaps just want to get a different kind of buzz. Either way, the inverse zipline is great fun, and without googles and a helmet, you get a great sense of freedom.

Next up is Skytrek – perfect for those looking to do a spot of teambuilding. Skytrek is the latest addition to Hangloose Adventure, and sees adventurers pushing themselves to the limit as they tackle the obstacles on the site’s high rope course. Finish off the course with a zipwire that takes you back to the start!

At Hangloose, there’s more than one way to enjoy the view from above. That said, with Gravity, you won’t have long to do so; before you know it, you’ll be leaving your stomach behind in a breathtaking freefall back to Earth. Ride solo or with friends on this giant cliff swing; experience the grip of multiple g-force to the weightlessness of zero gravity, all within mere seconds.

Now we come to Big Air, which is really exactly what it says on the tin. Release your inner stunt double on the giant air bag; with three platforms to leap from, you’ll start on the bottom before climbing your way up the 12 metre high tower and throwing yourself off the top…

Last, but by no means least, is The Drop. This is a true leap of faith, one that takes serious nerves to take. Offering one of the most spectacular views in Cornwall, The Drop is a controlled 33-foot fall simulator from a purpose-built platform, out over the cliff edge. Here you’ll experience the ultimate adrenaline rush, plummeting towards the ground in a few short – but very sweet – seconds.

Of course, we are by no means at a stage yet where we can forget about Coronavirus. If you are still not up for venturing out quite yet, not to worry; Hangloose Adventure sells vouchers for all activities and packages – the perfect gift to yourself or to any of your adrenaline-seeking friends and family. What’s more, with their 100% risk-free booking promise, if anything does happen to prevent you attending your booking, they will reschedule or arrange a voucher for the full value of your booking, with a 12-month expiry date, free of charge. For visitors who aren’t returning to Cornwall, a refund will also be available.

At Hangloose Adventure, the safety and comfort of all employees and visitors is paramount. Situated outdoors with big open spaces, plenty of fresh air, with a ‘We’re Good to Go’ certificate from Visit Britain and extensive Covid-19 measures in place, Hangloose nevertheless offers visitors a safe, fun and truly memorable day out – the kind we could all use after the year we’ve all been through!



01726 812 724


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Hangloose Adventure expects to open on April 12th, subject to government guidance, and the following measures will be in place:

  • Face coverings to be worn in all indoor areas and on minibuses
  • Hand-sanitising stations throughout the site
  • Social distancing markings and signs
  • Screens in retail areas to separate visitors from the sales team


Hangloose Adventure offers a number of money saving packages, so you can give some or all of the activities a go! To book, simply call 01726 812724 or visit