Cornwall LivingIssue #98

Canine cool

Over the summer months it’s important to remember that your pooch can’t tolerate the heat quite like we can. Here’s some great advice from Penmellyn Vets to make sure your dog doesn’t get too hot under the collar!

While we all love a warm summer’s day, this can be a bit much for our canine companions, particularly those with a dark or thick coat, those with a short face such as pugs and bulldogs (brachycephalic breeds), large dog breeds and those with a heart or lung condition.

If you choose to take your dog to the beach it’s advisable to provide some shade for them, encourage them to cool down in the sea and to take regular drinks of fresh water. With this in mind always carry plenty of water and a bowl with you. As always, the rule is to never leave your dog unattended in a car, even for a very short length of time.

While out walking, be aware of the temperature of the pavements or roads, your dogs’ paws can get badly burned on hot tarmac. After a warm walkies, why not create a shallow doggy paddling pool? A simple washing up bowl filled with water can give your dog a chance to cool off their paws.

Ensure you are aware of the signs that your dog might be overheating, including excessive panting, dribbling, wobbling and having trouble standing, bright red gums or general distress. If in doubt, it’s worth going inside so your dog can recover in a cool room.

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