Cornwall LivingIssue #71

Cannons and castles

Go back in time and explore the artillery fortress of Pendennis Castle.

Dominating the high, rocky headland, above Falmouth, the great artillery fortress of Pendennis Castle protected the entrance to the river Fal, and its deep estuary, the Carrick Roads for over 400 years. Set against the incredibly picturesque backdrop of open sea, Pendennis looks out over the English Channel close to where it joins the Atlantic Ocean, historically a vital sea-route and one that needed protecting.

“…discover how the gunners prepared and fired the cannons; you may even get to fire one yourself!”

If you’re stuck for ideas on where to take your children on a family day out, Pendennis Castle has got to be on your list of places to visit this Easter and over the summer. New for 2018 is a captivating and immersive interpretation of the castle’s story, bringing the history of Pendennis to life. As the story unfolds around you, be ready for loud bangs as you discover how the gunners prepared and fired the cannons; you may even get to fire one yourself! The journey continues as you make your way through the tunnels to Half Moon Battery, where the immersive tour will guide you back to another moment of crisis in Pendennis’ history, the Second World War. You’ll discover the risks of working with high-explosive munitions, as the gunners readied themselves to engage an enemy lurking far out to sea, or approaching fast from the sky.

The new interpretation also includes an exhibition on the First World War, and a display of guns from the Tudor, Napoleonic, Victorian and 20th Century eras of the castle’s history. Demonstrating how guns and fortresses at Pendennis developed over the centuries, it’s a great balance between education and entertainment and you’ll be sure to be an expert on the castle’s history by the end of your visit.

Gone are the days when people learned about history simply from reading books. The interactive experience brings history to life in an engaging and exciting way; nothing beats discovering the story of Pendennis right where it all happened. Exploring the castle will inspire and entertain all ages, capturing you and your children’s imaginations, transporting you back to the thrilling past of Pendennis Castle. Be prepared for the unexpected!

" how the gunners prepared and fired the cannons; you may even get to fire one yourself!"