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Caring for your canine

Slickers Doghouse in Padstow stocks a range of eco-friendly products, all geared towards keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Having first opened its doors in April 2017, Slickers Doghouse owner Lisa Hope had been searching for a shop on Padstow’s North Quay since January 2014, when she visited Cornwall with her daughter and two dogs for her daughter’s 21st birthday. She tells us: “It was well worth the wait!”

we love dogs, so come and see us for a cuddle. We have treats!”

Slickers Doghouse is in the perfect location, overlooking the harbour in the heart of Padstow, offering an array of useful, high quality products for dog owners and great value for money.

We ask Lisa about her ethos. “As nature lovers, we are on a mission to provide eco-friendly, sustainable products for our planet and oceans, as well as our dogs. Our toys and bowls are all made from eco-friendly materials such as rice husk, hemp and recycled bamboo chopsticks. Our bags are all paper and where plastic is almost impossible to avoid – poop bags for instance – we only stock biodegradable and compostable bags.”

Slickers also sells harnesses, lifejackets, coats and drying coats, with a free fitting service provided by a fully trained team of staff. You’ll also find wet, dry and raw food. Lisa explains: “Health is a key factor for Slickers Doghouse. All our food – wet, dry and raw – is totally grain and meat meal free, providing the best possible nutrition for our furry friends.”

Lisa also stocks natural, holistic and, where possible, organic treatments and medicines such as B-Balm for sore paws and noses, and Colloidal silver based drops and sprays for natural, more dog-friendly ways to kill bacterial infections. “We also stock a range of dog remedies ranging from chemical-free flea and tick treatments to chemical-free sickness and diarrhoea treatments that not only work very fast, but also balance the dog’s pre- and pro-biotics!”

So rest assured, when you step into Slickers Doghouse, everything you see is stocked with both quality and the welfare of your furry friend in mind. “Most importantly of all,” Lisa finishes, “we love dogs, so come and see us for a cuddle. We have treats!”

"we love dogs, so come and see us for a cuddle. We have treats!"