Cornwall LivingIssue #113

Channelling change

OPC Energy Ltd. can help your Cornish home be a part of the positive change to help protect the planet from a climate crisis.

There is no denying that Cornwall is a frontrunner when it comes to stepping up to the challenge and exploring ways to tackle the climate emergency; the county has set an impressive target of reaching Net Zero 20 years ahead of the UK government’s 2050 goal.

But with homes in Cornwall contributing towards 22% of carbon emissions, achieving this goal cannot be done without making the necessary changes.

One of the most effective ways to make a significant difference in your home’s carbon footprint is by installing renewable energy technologies. Renewable energy brings a long list of benefits, including high energy efficiency, improved performance, reliability, energy bill savings and even government-backed financial incentives. But what exactly is renewable energy? In a nutshell, renewable energy is generated from sources that naturally replenish themselves and never run out. In this modern-day world, many businesses and homeowners are moving away from using traditional methods of energy that involve coal, petroleum and natural gas. Instead, renewable energy solutions are on the rise, and these alternative sources hold the key to combatting climate change.

When looking at upgrading the way you power and heat your home, sourcing the right company to complete the job is of critical importance. But with a number of companies available, why is OPC standing out from the crowd? “Our commitment is to provide our valued clients with the best eco-friendly solutions,” explains company Director, Gary. “We love what we do and our team consists of friendly, professional industry experts. When you work with us, you’ll feel like part of the family.” OPC Energy Ltd. offers full turn-key tailored solutions in the design, specification, installation, commissioning and servicing of heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV and battery storage, for both domestic and commercial properties throughout Cornwall, which makes them the perfect company to oversee all your renewable energy requirements. 

So, if your home improvement goal is to ensure your property is playing its part in the fight for a cleaner, greener future, then be sure to give OPC Energy a call and receive your free, no-obligation quote.



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